Sunday, 30 October 2016

Let It Snow!

Last night I stayed up until about 0130 to finish stitching and take pictures of my Let It Show final snowman block.  I choose to use the wool I used for the lettering on his scarf, mittens and hat band.  I think with his sly shy smile he looks rather dapper!
Here is a close up of his mittens.  I chose to give the darker cuff to show off the stitching.
 His smiling face and more stitching on the hat band.
 Here are all the finished blocks altogether.  I don't think Stacy is planning on any sashing between the blocks but I'll wait on sewing them to be sure.  I think we will just do a final border and bind the quilt.

 I don't use fusible web unless my wool is a very loose weave.  The wool I used for my snow was from a thrift shop found skirt that I felted.  I turned the fabric from one side to the other to give either a vertical or horizontal look to the plaid.
 I use pins and stitch on the layers, I like the feel of movement of the wool against the background.  I find that using a fusible makes things look very flat and lack texture.
 Remember this view from Friday afternoon.  Well it rained most of Saturday and we've now tied with three other years to have had 26 of 29 October days of rain....
 But the sun came out at around three o'clock to pay a visit.
 You can see the clouds getting thinner. Notice how many leaves blew off with the rain and wind.
 And then the sun started to go down and light them up with golden accents.
 More blue skies as the sun came down with hints of purple in the clouds.
 I'm sad that that condo tower was built but fortunately they made it shorter than planned and I still have an enjoyable view.
 Love those two seagulls flying thru the picture.  Didn't see the crows flying off to roost for the night.
 All the gold is changing to orange and darker shade.
 Such a lucky gal am I to have this uninterrupted view of the south arm of the Fraser River and the Alex Fraser bridge in the distance.
 Almost time to say good bye to October.
 Make sure you get your pumpkins and Jack O'lanterns out to celebrate!


Kyle said...

Fantastic. You've got all the blocks done. Maybe after the first of the year I can get mine done. Seeing a beautiful sunset is the perfect way to end the day.

KaHolly said...

That condo tower sticks out like a sore thumb, huh? There out to be better regulations about build. Love, love, love your snowmen! One of these days I'm going to try working with wool. XO

The little book of Nessie said...

Your snowmen look great. Love seeing your sunset. Regards, Nessie