Thursday, 26 January 2017

Hoochy Hearts, Going Down The Rabbit Hole.

Saturday morning I decided to put together an over sized mug rug made of hearts and some of the left over piecing when I put my heart swap blocks together in November and this is what I came up with.
 I used a variegated red thru pink thread to stitch random hearts in the background and also the pieced hearts that I made.
 I had fun tucking them into the odd background shapes left when I stitched the hearts.
 I just may do something similar in my larger piece.
 It was done by Sunday evening.
 Waiting till Valentine's day to use it.
I used the same fabric for the back and binding.

 I signed up for the 2017 Down the Rabbit Hole BOM by Sarah Fielke based on her pencil sketch here.

Now I'm try to choose background for the piece and I think I'll be using these ones the turquoise above the navy and the green are the same design but obviously different colours.
 The first of the blocks comes at the end of the month but Sarah sent us a bonus project of a Huswif to make while we wait the final days. I cut my out on Monday and by Tuesday it was finished.  So I'm staying focused so far.
 It opens up and can sit on the arm of your chair.  I added some more rabbit prints on the inside along with flowers.  The linen thread with turquoise polka dots is stitch to hold your scissors from falling out.  The turquoise with white ribbon holds my snips around my neck.
 There is a large pocked behind the pink rabbits and dots and I made a narrow pocket to put a pencil or marking pen in at the right side of the brown bunny turquoise fabric.
 The white and brown bunny fabric has four pockets for needles and something else and the small floral fabric has two pockets.
 All I need to do is put a snap on the wrap to keep it shut.  I stuffed my carrot with crushed walnuts in an inner muslin carrot that I also put a wrap of cotton batting around.  I cut it about half an inch smaller than the outside fabric so I could easily insert the bag containing the crushed walnuts.  The carrot top is made with wool strips I cut irregularly.  You can still sign up for the BOM if you want here is the link to the page on Sarah's website. You can pay for the whole year instead of paying by the month.  She also has some templates and other goodies available for purchase if you desire.
 Wednesday I went to my friend Rita's and the Witch Hazel is now bursting forth.  The yellow one is still more than a week behind.
 They remind me of orange spiders emerging.
 One daffodil in bloom and another about to come forth.
 A couple of snowdrops showing their blooms.
 This one is more still a bud.
 Another look at the Witch Hazel from a different angle.
 This bush has so much character.
 Enjoy the rest of the week and Stay Focused!


WoolenSails said...

That is a fun mat and I think I may do one with hearts and angels next.
I love the pattern, can't wait to see how that looks, quilted.
No pretty flowers around here, just some red berries on the vines, bleak and dull, need some snow to brighten it up;)


Kyle said...

Your freestyle hearts to super cute especially with the black background. Then you've been busy with the sewing Husfit. The giant carrot pincushion cracks me up! No flowers here until April or May

Susan said...

You're being so productive! I like your Hoochy Hearts. =) I know your spring project will be wonderful, too. Wow, daffodils - mine aren't even up yet! The amaryllis got fooled by our ten days in the sixties, but now we've had over night freezes that make the leaves look a bit unhealthy. I'll see what happens, but it may mean no blossoms this year. None of my tulips or daffodils are up, though!