Friday, 20 January 2017

Prepping and Staying Focused.

I've not touched my Sarah Fiekle Happy Days Quilt for some time and signed up for her new Down The Rabbit Hole on which starts at the end of this month.  So I prepped some of the pieces for one of the last applique blocks to take to my sit and stitch with friends today.  The flower petals are English Paper Pieced Hexagons with a curved outer petal.  The leaves are a half hexagon piece.
 I also neglected my 366 Circle project in July and have decided to work backwards from December and prepped some snowflake, star and Christmas themed circles that I used on my Santa and Tree project.
 I also prepped a couple from the Row by Row home fabric and a couple of October Halloween, autumn themed ones to also applique.
 I prepped the flowers and leaves for my next Mika block which is 16" square.
 Here are some of the fabrics for the background cut so I can start at the beginning of February.
 Last Friday I went for a walk to see the ice in the Fraser River.  We were expecting rain to arrive on the weekend.  One of the pieces got caught up on a dead head in the river.  When the tide is in you don't see the roots and it will float off.
 We've two Witch Hazel trees one orange and on yellow.  The yellow is about to burst forth with it's spidery leaves.  I saw someone on Instagram share a photo of one on the North Shore already out.  It's been cold along the river and ours are late.  The yellow variety is always later than the orange one.
 Another view of the ice on the tree root and more ice across the river.
 A look towards the mountains, it was very damp and chilly along the river.
 The last remnants of the snow are now long gone as we've had about three or four days of rain.  Some major flooded intersections and large puddles. Today is sunny right now so time to go and get ready to stitch.
Hope your weather is pleasant where your are, I know a lot of snow and ice along with big melts are happening all over.  We are back above our typical temperatures and yesterday only had a one degree Celsius fluctuation in our day.


Anna Bates said...

perfect weather for stitching! I LOVE those english paper pieced flowers! I have to dive back into one of those projects myself!

The little book of Nessie said...

You have got on to a good start. Regards, Nessie

WoolenSails said...

Your new project looks wonderful and fun to do with fussy cut.
I always enjoy doing more projects in the winter, but nice to get out once in awhile.


Kyle said...

All that wonderful prepping is going to pay off in some big time stitching!

Kim Gordon said...

Hi Sandi!

You've gotten so much done! I signed up for Down the Rabbit Hole, too. So excited. Haven't made it up over the border yet but will let you know when and if I do so that hopefully we can meet up.

Tine said...

Your flower block looks great. I love how the petals look.
You've been busy catching up on so many projects. It looks great!

Susan said...

I can't believe it's getting ready to bloom - witch hazel must be an early bloomer. I have a few forsythia flower buds just starting, but nowhere near ready to bloom until late Feb - mid March! And ice still in the river. Brrr. All your projects look like fun, and since I'm behind, I'll bet half of them are already done now!