Friday, 13 January 2017

Staying Focused!

I'm happy to say that so far I'm on track with my goal of Stay Focused!  At the beginning of the month I cut out the fabrics for Block Three of Sunflower Gathering; along with the alternate block and started sewing the background for the wool applique.
  I'm waiting until I have a few more of the four patch colour combinations sewn before I start sewing the alternate blocks together so I have a good mix of different four patches to chose from.

Here is the wool block background.

Here are most of the wool pieces cut for sewing, the red will be 52 little flowerettes so I'm waiting until I'm ready to attach them before cutting out.  The larger green left over will become some of the stems for the Sunflowers.
 I prefer not to fuse my blocks but had decided to try it with this projects.  As it has been sitting for a couple of years it did not fuse well so I have decided to pin and then fuse after sewing.  I don't like how stiff the fusing makes the pieces and I also did the window technique so just the edges are fused and not the body of the piece.
 Yes those threads at the top and side are extending off the block as they will have the red flowerettes on the next blocks.
 I also prepped the freebie block.  The colours are truer in this first photo without the flash.
 Stitched down and French Knots around the centre.
 Here is block one, the leaves will extend to the next block.

 Here is block two it also will have some pink flowers and vine onto the adjacent blocks.

 I also prepped the fans and pinwheel block three for Mika.
 Here are the finished pinwheels which will be sewn into a row.
 And the fans will be trimmed down and sewn into another row.
 I started prepping the next Mika block which will be a 16" one and will prep the next Sunflower Gathering block today.  But I've decided to work on something else until February that is on my UFO list.  Will have to see what I chose, I'm not yet sure myself! \

 I took this picture on Wednesday with my iPad of the snow on the mountains and the Native Paddle wheeler that still goes up and down the river.  There is more ice floating down the river but things are expected to warm up by the weekend.

Are you Staying Focused?


Tine said...

Trying! But it's not easy :-) I love your little 4-patches!

WoolenSails said...

I cannot focus for more than 5 minutes, lol. My brain is still up and down with the lyme, so hard to get myself motivated for long, so short projects are best. Love the photo, fun with the paddle wheel in the foreground.


The little book of Nessie said...

I hope to get back into the swing regarding continuing with hopefully finishing some of my projects. You are going great! Regards, Nessie

KaHolly said...

I am, I am! Your work always amazes me! Nice post! XO

Kyle said...

Yes, I'm trying. Your focus has been like a laser. Those PG blocks are awesome. I wasn't much of a fan of fusing the wool pieces but have come around since I have used Soft Fuse. It's works well for me.

Anna Bates said...

glad I read the title of your blog post because I need a little focus today!!!

Susan said...

I can't believe that little piece of red would be 52 anything! LOL! What wonderful applique. Thanks for sharing, it's inspirational.