Monday, 11 September 2017

Going Down The Rabbit Hole this weekend.

Saturday morning my friend Tricia invited some friends to spend the day sewing in her condo's amenity room.  I laid out my four rows of houses with the fabric I plan to use as a small border with my medallion to see how they looked.  I moved only two houses I think as I had one corner that had two different yellow fabrics that bothered me.  Otherwise I was good to go with sewing them together.
 Here are the four rows laid out at home.  You can see that there are repeats of fabrics but nothing is in an identical spot.  The fourth house from the left has two different grey and coloured prints working with the same orange and pink dot fabric.
 Remember my Dresden plate half wedges I prepped?  Well I figured out a way to sew them together and maintain my starched curved edge for hand applique.  I've tried to do needle turn many times but can't get a smooth flat edge so my preference is a template or freezer paper and then use a paint brush with liquid starch.  For curves I do a running stitch that gathers to pull up the edge along the heat resistant Mylar.
 I sewed the blades in pairs and opened the seams on the back.  Then fours, a six and finally the ten.
 At first I opened the seam and tucked the curve over.  But after a couple of tries I decided that if the curve is pressed down with the seam opened after it will seem less bulky.  I may find this not so when I finally hand applique them.
 Here is a bit closer look.  My basting stitches are still in the curve and will be removed just before hand sewing them.
 Flipped over but only pairs sewn at this point.
 Smaller wedge sewn together and pressed.  It is almost 180 degree with the 90 degree straight on despite the illusion of the photo.
 Here is one of the larger wedges.
 And the two wedges layered on top of each other with the half circle to cover the ends.
No I get to applique the small quarter sunflower corner blocks.  Trim the house heights to the proper measurement and then I can sew them on.  Next step is first sewing the Dresden wedges and adding a larger quarter Sunflower to the ends of both wide borders.  Then there is the quarter large Sunflower corner block that has a stem and when all is sewn together the large leaves.  Then I get to cut 80 elongated hexagons and I'll be all caught up!

Here is a picture of Sarah's quilt to date that I borrowed from the Facebook bom group I belong to.  You can still sign up at her website here is a link to the information. Patterns are sent directly to your inbox and templates are available for purchase.


The little book of Nessie said...

Looking great! Your houses make a lovely village. Regards, Nessie

WoolenSails said...

Those came out beautifully, your technique seems to be working wonderful for you, going to be beautiful all together.


Kyle said...

The Kaffe wedges are so bright and colorful, but of course, how could they anything else with his fabrics. You're making great progress.

Anna Bates said...

I so love your choice of colors and fabrics a really gift!

KaHolly said...

Oh, Sandi, such beautiful eye candy! Finished, it will be magnificent!

Susan said...

I hadn't seen the whole thing, just up through the house rows. You are doing a lot of work! It's beautiful, too.