Thursday, 21 June 2018

First Day of Summer

We've had an unusual Spring, May was very dry and June the skies opened up several times.  Then we were almost 15C above usual temperatures.  So to wake up to cloudy cooler weather was a bit of a treat this morning.
 This was one of a series of thunder storms we had last week with thunder and lightening!
 See how long and big those raindrops were!
 Then the next day we were back to sunshine, the large water marks are from where the gardeners were prepping the beds for summer annuals and perennials that they move in and out each year.
 Then the hot spell happened which helped show off these Canterbury Bells nicely.
 The Allium this year were quite spectacular.
 I went out for an early morning walk and breakfast and was treated to sun on the boardwalk for a change.

 The hostas are in bloom
 I had fun with my iPad app called Prisma.  If you enlarge you can see which effect I chose.  Love the random quote on this one.
 I may have to try and interpret some of these into cloth one day.
 The original of the Hosta leaves.
 Adding texture and colour chosen by the app.
 Love this colour combination.

 Remember the Iris from a previous post.
 With the app do you see it almost looks like a face with huge eyebrows and a feathery flower hat.

 Love this one.

 Here you can really see the face and the squinted eyes.
 Today I noticed these Hollyhocks for the first time.  My Great Grandmother used to enjoy growing them.  I don't recall them as she passed away by the time I was about four or five.
 Nice new chairs to enjoy the sunshine and the river have been bolted onto the boardwalk.
 The bush roses are always so pretty this time of year.
 They've planted several Fuchsia trees along the boardwalk.
 Lobby view without the words.  Enjoy the longest day of the year everyone.
I'm also working on my Grasshopper quilt, I couldn't decide what to do last month for colours so I've waited and started on Month Three.
 There should be a Dresden plate block above the heart, I now think I'll repeat some of the colours I used to make the leaves.  Some leaves may be moved or replaced.  Just stitching them down now.


Karen said...

Such pretty fabrics in your applique block. And I like that bias cut stripe for a stem.

Anna said...

Your photos are as beautiful as your stitching😀💕

WoolenSails said...

Love seeing your area, such a wonderful place to live and enjoy for walks.
I do love the new filters, fun to use on our photos and even use to make patterns.


Radka said...

Lovely summer pictures :-). We could do with some rain here!