Tuesday, 5 January 2021

Word of the Year

Last year my word was Inspire.  Both as a seeker of it and hopefully being an inspiration for others to find in things I have done or do through the year.  A past word has been Create.  This year I think I'm making the phrase Inspire Creativity to be my touchstone.

I came across this Instagram Post that someone I follow had shared and decided to play along.  What are the first four words you see?   I'll tell you later in the post what mine were.
January 1st I decided to start this cross stitch called Begin by Bent Creek.  Well it didn't quite go as planned.  I had to change the colour of the linen I chose as I didn't realize how long the piece was plus the recommended borders for finishing the piece.  I was lucky to find something else that a friend had found in a thrift shop that she gave me along with several other pieces of linen. Irene has my gratitude for gifting me with these pieces of linen and also a wonderful fish depression glass bowl her eagle eyes found for me last year.
I love things with words on them.  When I saw this key chain I knew it would make a great thread ring.  It also speaks to my love of travel and the connections you make along the road with friend, family and sometimes even strangers who become friends.
Here was my piece by day 2.  Of the 9 threads listed only 4 had symbols.  I have two friends in Oregon who are also going to do this piece so I reached out to them. Sadly Robin's copy was like mine lacking and Anna was moving and hadn't yet found her box with charts and linens when she first was looking.
I've also started a Wintersal with Stitchonomy. I chose to get the kit with Aida cloth and the threads which are very well organized.  I'm not sure exactly how many different colours we were sent.
After a series of Pacific Storms we had an unexpected change of some blue skies with wind blowing us around.
I love watching the cycle of the Witch Hazel during the Winter.  The orange variety blooms a week or more ahead of the yellow one.
They remind me of spider crabs a bit don't you think?
The Winter flowering Viburnum is also opening its lovely scented blossoms. Both of these plants have such strength in their beautiful colourful displays.  We have a lot of rain and occasional snow and they weather thru it all.
I took some pictures earlier in the week during the rain but they look so delicate against the blue skies.
This was my journal I used last year.  I started it in February so I still have one more month to use it.
Each of the dividing pages has some special thoughts for the month.

This is the 18 month one I got for this year.  It is a larger book and has some goal setting prompts in it.

The new one has a pocket in front to keep certain special papers.
It also has goal setting pages with various prompts on it.
A good goal for us all.
Part 4 stitched and part 5 arrived a short while ago.
I decided from the picture that the next tree was a solid colour and stitched it.  Later in the day I got an email from Anna her copy is a different edition its printed on brown not white paper and her version had the proper key to it.  I'm so grateful for this as Bent Creek has yet to respond to my query about the key.
If you have been reading this closely you will have found what the words I first found were.  
Gratitude, Connections, Change and Strength.  

My gratitude to good friends and family and the staff caring for my mom and other residents of the care home where she live. 

 Connections that have been made thru my blog with Anna and then meeting her friends in Sisters and Portland. Also thru workshops and quilting groups which have been a lifeline during this pandemic time. I cant wait to be able to travel and see them all again along with family in other provinces.

The ability to Change when you can't just drop everything and go to the store when you want to.  Having the Strength to hold onto the hope that things will improve if everyone takes the time to respect the science of what the Doctors and care givers are presenting to us.

Doing this  so we can continue to make new Connections and Changes in our lives and have the Strength to show and share Gratitude to all in this time.



Susan said...

Interesting. In order, I found connection, power, health and breakthrough. That's a unique thought prompter!

Lilac Joan said...

My four words were connection purpose strength miracles. Thanks for a meaningful word game.

taiqi said...

I love your words for 2021. They say it all.

KaHolly said...

Alignment, family, breakthrough and self care! That was fun! I’m trying to get back into visiting a few blogs now that I can breathe again. The change in our administration didn’t come fast enough for me, but now I can truly say, Happy New Year! Oh, I love Witch Hazel. It’s the very first bush to show blossoms in the very early spring in the northeast. My sister and I used to trudge through the snow to visit this one bush every day, waiting patiently for just a bud! Such memories. I haven’t cross stitched or embroidered in forever. Good luck with yours!