Wednesday, 31 May 2023

Catching up.

This was my New Year’s start I finished in within a week.

A good place to work from.

Another bee project but his bum is giving me issues so he is in a time out right now.

So the long planned renovation to the building is under way.  Almost half of the building is behind blue construction curtains.  We will be getting a new roof. New windows, rebuilt decks and new windows.  The building is 35 years old.  It’s planned as an 18 month renovation.

A quick stitch that I realize I need to add a couple of bee trails and then add borders to probably make it into a little wall hanging or pillow.

Forget me note a sure sign of Spring on the west coast,

The long awaited arrival of tulips along the quay.  The city planted a lot more than in the recent years which is nice to see once more.

Sue Spargo is celebrating her 20th year in business with a Sew Along for 20 days.  First she gave us a suggested list of supplies and then a suggested layout.  I went a bit rogue.

 This is a bit out of order.  Laura Gates if Poppyseed Quilting did a lovely long arm quilting design on my 
Mary Lou Weidman Bird Swap quilt that I put together.  She used a lovely brass coloured thread to mimic the brass bird cage I designed.

Quilt designs along the side and border area.

More lovely quilting across the top.

Lots of feathers flying inside the bird cage.

The detail on the base of the cage is just lovely I couldn’t have asked for anything more.

This was my bird escaping thru the open door,

Again beautiful quilting on the top of the cage.

These were all in the Fraser Valley Quilters’ Guild quilt show held on the Friday and Saturday of Mother’s Day weekend. Santa Sampler designed by Cheri Payne.  Hand appliquéd cotton and hand quilted.

Let air Snow designed by Stacy West of Buttermilk Basin Designs.  Wool appliqué on cotton backgrounds.  Recycled and new wool hand stitched and hand quilted.

Midnight Escape cage concept designed by me Bird Swap blocks by friends of Mary Lou Weidman based on her hoody mama block designs.  I did a faced finish rather than traditional binding so to not lose the border details.

Little Wooly Baskets designed my Dawn Heese of Linen Closet Designs.  Recycled and new wool appliqué on cotton backgrounds.  Hand appliquéd and hand quilted.

Squash Squad designed by Sue Spargo, Sue Spargo kit, and threads.  Wool appliqué, cotton appliqué on wool backgrounds. Long arm machine quilted by Tess Strauss of Wildflower Quilting Studio. This was also done with a faced finish.  This piece was awarded a Vendor’s Choice award from Maureen Wood of Chilliwack who teaches Judy Neimeyer Paper Foundation Piecing and Laura Heine raw edge Collage methods.  Ironically she had just taken a four day Wool Appliqué class with Sue Spargo at Road to California in January.

This post is brought to you courtesy of my dear friend Brenda Treasure who now lives on Vancouver Island but came over for a visit with her husband and I bumped into them this morning at my favourite breakfast place Angelina’s Dutch Corner

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