Thursday, 25 December 2008

Santa arrived late last night to leave presents for good little girls and boys. The sun came out late this afternoon, notice how the snow is up to the bottom of the bench in front of my condo.
The sky had a grey band across it and we had some snow flurries several times during the day, but the afternoon sun gave everything a pretty glow.
The river almost looked like it was painted by a Dutch master.
A tug comes along side of the Surrey Fraser docks. Deep water freighters come up here to unload their cargo.
This snowman looks like he might be related to an elephant?
Over the years I've given my mom some fun Christmas figurines that she displays on her glass topped tables throughout her home.
For a time I gave her Santa Claus figurines.
This merry soul counts down the days before Christmas.
This year I gave her this lime green tinsel tree with lights looks rather charming don't you think?
When I drove home I found this snow-clad motor home parked in front of my condo, the city had ploughed the roads, and they won't be moving anywhere too quickly.
The Christmas lights decorate our courtyard and the two tower condos across the street from us.I went for a walk along the quay to see how some of the other condos were decorated.
These deer with the star wreath look very delicate in the white lights.
The red, green and white almost looks like a candy cane with a blue spiral tree behind.
Here is hoping you had an enjoyable day with family and friends.

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