Saturday, 27 April 2013

Antique Quilts and some collectibles.

Just across the Washington border is the small town Kalama.  It has several antique shops and malls I enjoy dropping in on and this visit was very fruitful to see some lovely quilts.  A dresden plate.
 A kalidescope crazy quilt.
 Maple leaves.
 Stars and hexagons.
 An interesting pieced block.
 A closer look what are those critters?
 Another signature quilt.
 Some of the blocks have faded away but the signatures are still there.
 A sampler of friends.
 The overal quilt.
 A snails trail.
 A nine patch.
 Back home, a great find of a picnic basket.
 This company has changed its name to Redmon but it is still in business.
 The top is textured.
 Syrup bottles.
 A familiar shape on the shelf tucked into the back.
 French's Mustard, you don't see them in glass any longer, great recycling for the lid.
 Another one in a pale blue.
A jar/lid opener.
A closer look, I have some other Foley gadgets.
The pinwheel quilt made it home with me.

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