Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Sue Spargo Leaf Embellishment Day 1

Here is one of Sue's inspiration pieces that she had laid out for us to come up and view whenever we wanted.  She had several other quilts and one that she asked that we didn't share it because she will be releasing the pattern soon.
 Lovely beading, bullion knots and a very cute bee.
 A lady bug and another bee on a flower sampler.  That pink/red of the lady bug is lovely.
 Layers of wool, drizzle stitch in the centre of the flower.
 Look at the spots on the lady bug.  I love the centre of this flower.
 Baby Rick rack couched down and some Colonial or French knots around the edge.
 Bullion knots and to the right a fly stitch with a bullion accent.
 Beads laid down will silk thread using the beaded coral stitch.  Notice how flat the beads lie.
 The beaded coral stitch using cotton thread, it doesn't lie as flat and even as the silk thread.
 At the end of the day I had added a second layer to 8 leaves.
 I also managed to do some creative stitching, here is a line of bullion knots using a variegated thread.
 The pearl stitch with another variegated thread.
 Some textured silk velvet waiting to be added some details.
 The turquoise is another silk velvet and the green printed is a cotton velvet.
 Some batik fabric, I took this one off and did another.
 A small piece of cotton leaving space for creative stitches.
After class I spent the evening cutting some more fabrics to be layers and prepping for day 2.  Stay tuned for some more to come.

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Sandy said...

Lovely work, Sandi! Both hers and yours!