Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Oregon Coast Quilt Shops, Blogging Friends, and Antique Quilts.

As we crossed over from California and into Oregon I saw a fifth wheeler driving with B.C. plates.  I knew that a Victoria B.C. blogger and I were on a similar path heading home.  I wondered if it was Paulette but couldn't see inside the cab of the truck.  I knew that they had two dog, nope couldn't see them.  I stopped for gas and a quilt shop and passed the rig a second time.  Still couldn't tell.  Farther up the road I stopped again in Port Orford at Quilter's Corner, one of my favourite shops.  While I was there another lady came into the shop.  Hmm I think that might be her so I mentioned Canada thinking she might join the conversation.   When I asked if I could take pictures she joined and I asked and we finally had a face to face meeting. Paulette's blog is called Sweet P and other creations and I visit her almost every day. Here is where you can find her blog.
 Quilter's Corner is the largest quilt shop in Southern Oregon and always has some lovely treasures.
 The gal in the shop was prepping a Nancy Lee Chong applique piece to work on.
 In Coos Bay we went to Threads that Bind, this shop has something for almost everyone, sorry no pictures this time.  She was getting ready to attend a quilt show later in the week but she recommended Bon Apetit Bistro and Catering.  This was the clock they had hanging in the shop.
 Every day they have a special.  We shared their pull pork and coleslaw.  Plenty for two to share. Are not the chalkboard salad set too cute?
 We walked by a small antique mall on the way to the bistro, well I spotted this interesting quilt when we went in for a look.
 It has an unusual curved edge to the quilt.  The fabrics were shirting, calico and even on metallic giraffe print.
 Wait a minute, there is another side.  Hexagons!  the quilt is hand tied and has some very interesting fabrics.
 I like how the maker used the yellow to link the hexagons horizontally.  Part of one of the blocks has shattered from pulling it up.  It appears that they used ?a damask tablecloth as the batting that makes it very heavy although it is very thin when you feel it.
Kaaren from The Painted Quilt saw a similar quilt on the east coast and is reproducing hers.  I think she is inspiring me to make one of my own.
 We stopped at another quilt shop up the road, but it wasn't open, I like the rusted chicken outside.
The rabbit was in the planter of another antique shop called The Little White Church Antique shop.
 Another rabbit in the window box.
 Cute dog memo/picture holder.
Another bunny staying warm inside on a rainy day.
 Some birds made out of paper, this one is old music sheets.
 This bamboo beaded curtain was just so lovely and soft in it's colours and design.
Love Dr. Seuss.
 Mermaid with a conch shell.
 Cafe located next door,.
 Gotta love the expression on that cow's face.
 In Wheeler we walked through another antique mall, the work on this bunny toy was lovely.
 I wish there was a bit more detail on the back.
 A lovely lone start quilt.
 Some dancing kittens with appliqued dresses.
 I found some interesting signature quilts on this trip.  This one had quarter circles appliqued onto the blocks.  Then they did some embroidery and broderie perse details.
 A closer look at some of the embroidery perse.
 Another look.
 One more.
 I found this block very interesting.
 Here is a longer shot of the whole quilt with wide satin ribbon binding.
Onto Canon Beach, it started to rain quite heavily just as I was taking these pictures.
 The view to the south of the rocks.
Onto Portland and then home to Canada!


paulette said...

It was so nice to bump into you!!...FINALLY!!..even though I looked a mess! haha Thanks for the shop tours...I missed a lot but we were in a hurry to get home!! Once the truck and RV get pointed north there is no stopping them!! You take care!

The little book of Nessie said...

Those old quilts are really something special aren't they? Great pictures too. Regards, Nessie