Sunday, 9 February 2014

Icy Fraser River along with some wildlife and memories.

Friday evening the river looked very peaceful as the sun was starting to set.
 We've had a cold stretch and you can see the ice if forming on our water feature in the courtyard.
 Yesterday morning the sun was shining brightly, the ice formed on the rocks at the side, there is a little "brook" that joins the larger pool at the bottom.
 Spring is starting to show signs of arrival.
 Large chunks of ice forming to the west of my condo.
 The reflection of the sun made some lovely imagery.
 Looking across the river towards Surrey.
 Can you see the heart shaped piece of ice along the top edge of the large piece?
 Check out the guy on the tug, just a t-shirt and sweat pants!
 The wake from the tug made the ice dance for awhile.
 Crocuses blooming.
 Looking east along the river at multiple bridge crossings.
 Some tulips and lettuce growing under a glass dome in Rita's Garden.
 A closer look the the goodies under the dome.
 Roses sending out new shoots.
 Yellow witch hazel.
 Orange witch hazel
 What a gorgeous west coast day.
 Love this flowering bush.
 One of multiple palm trees along the quay.
 A great blue heron was grooming him/herself in the chill.
 Daffodils already in full bloom, they must catch a good deal of sun in that spot.
 Look at the rings of ice around the fountain.
 Gorgeous views along the river.
 Love this shot.
 He/she was still there on my return.
 Lovely shades of green and red.
 This guy/gal was eating some bird seed on the pillar I was leaning on while taking some more photos of the Great Blue Heron.
 Checking out the neighbourhood.
Back to preening again, the job never seems to be done.
 This morning I walked down to Angelina's for breakfast and spotted some loons swimming amongst the ice.
 On top of the Inn at the Quay Henry our resident Bald Eagle was visiting...look at the brave pigeons below on the eaves.
 The ice is not as dense as yesterday.
 Spotted a Robin, look how puffed up his feathers are.
 Some smaller loons, I think they are females.
 Gorgeous profile and colours.
 Two old crows, makes me think of a friend and myself.
 What were you doing 50 years ago tonight?  I was watching the Beatles on Ed Sullivan and celebrating my 10th birthday!  Have a great day and evening, I know I will.

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WoolenSails said...

What a gorgeous place to go for a walk and explore the area. Love the crows, nice shot with them on the rail.