Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Show and Tell

Last week my quilting group met at Rita's and she share this lovely quilt top she purchased and just had quilted. It was done by a woman who had some healthy challenges and spent most of her life in bed! The stars were appliquéd onto a bed sheet and was not pieced.

You can see it is a fairly large quilt that needs to be bound and has a lovely pink backing on it. Deb Sanderson from our guild did a lovely daisy flower design quilting on it.

A fun dog themed print ready to be quilted.

The mini hearts that I'm keeping from the swap I'm sending off. I think I'll integrate them into the assortment I get back or I may just make a small quilt of just them. I'll decide when the other hearts arrive.

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1 comment:

paulette said...

Love Rita's masterpiece...well done, Rita!! You always have the best sharing!!