Thursday, 20 March 2014

Heart swap, cameras and Spring is here!

Here is a photo of all the hearts I received from our latest Mary Lou Weidman yahoo group swap.
 We were told to use pinks and reds for the hearts and black and white fabrics that read more black than white.  Some people pieced their hearts with strata or some chose to use on fabric for both halves or two different fabrics.
 I love how all those blacks work together.
 I chose to make strata and used four different black and whites as background.
 I was on a roll and made several (10) extra that I've added to this second picture.  I just popped all the hearts up on a design wall to take a picture and now the fun begins to figure out how to put them all together.  I may add some more as I have a few partial blocks done and them will have some fun playing again with how to put them all together.
 On Monday at my wool group three friends turned up with more birthday camera blocks for me.  This first one is by my friend Debbie Matthews.
 Ethel Snow made three!  One for herself with some lovely words to enjoy.
 One for our friend Shona Kelly who moved from Canada to England to Australia and back to England.
 My friend Sandi Hill made this beauty for me.
 Ethel also made this one for my mom to that not so sweet.  My mom doesn't do the Internet so when I'm travelling Ethel relays messages for me and they have lovely chats together.
 Here is a grouping of the most recent blocks.
These join the others I received for my birthday here is a link to them.
This is a picture of three of the cherry trees in my courtyard this morning, they are a deeper plum pink rather than a soft pink.  I noticed yesterday that they are breaking out in bloom just in time for the first day of Spring.
 My view towards the river, love the three gents out for a brisk Spring walk and enjoying more cherry blossoms.  Welcome to Spring on the west coast of Canada, the day of my dad's birth.

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paulette said...

I'm loving your blocks...but it's your view that made my day!! won't be long before we are smelling those blossoms!! Thanks!! I needed that!