Tuesday, 11 March 2014

La Conner Quilt and Textile Museum part 2

The Gaches Mansion sits on a large corner lot overlooking the downtown shopping area.
 Just inside the door they had a lovely display of circa 1880 Crazy Quilts throughout the main floor.
 This one has a lovely gold velvet border on it.
 Lace surrounded this one.
 Looking from the dining room through to one of the parlours.
 Cigar band silks made into a small quilt.
 Elvina Gress made this lovely robe as a wedding gift for her daughter Barbara in 1952 when she wed Calvin Lloyd.
 A closer look at the lovely stitching.
Another lovely crazy quilt.
 I like how the borders were joined with the gold thread that sets off the textured velvet.
 Some wonderful crazy stitching and embroidery details.
 A little vignette set up as you went up the stairs.
 Even the kitchen is used as a library and display area.
 Dresden plate style crazy quilt.
Tour of quilt shops to come soon.

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Loved it!! thanks for sharing!