Saturday, 8 March 2014

Road Trip to LaConner Quilt Musem

This is the Gaches mansion houses the La Conner Quilt and Textile Museum in La Conner Washington. Friday I drove three of my mini quilt group down to see the current displays and check out a few quilt shops in the area along with lunch.  Check out their link here.
 This lovely light hangs over the front door.  The museum has three floors that are open to the public.  On the first floor there was a display of antique Crazy Quilts, on the third floor was Out of the Blue Whidbey Island Surface Design [this one you could not photograph.]
On the second floor was the display I wanted to see.  Last April I took a three day class and had a lecture with Sue Spargo that I thoroughly enjoyed. Here is a link to the first of the posts from that experience.
 This is one of the projects I hope to make in the future, Crimson Tweed.
 Love that tree.
 Snowflake flowers.
 Imperial Blooms.
 A closer look at her thread embellishments.
 Earth 'n' Twig a previous block of the month and now a book.

 Love the bees.
 Red Bud.
 Collaborative quilt with Tonye Belinda Phillips.
 A closer look at Tonye's house.
 Great Flower.
 Jester by Sue and Tonye.
 Sue's border.
 Sue did the centre, then Tonye.
 Bird Play, Sue's latest Block of the Month.
 Bird Play 2.
 Bird Play 1.
 Sorry I forgot the name of this one.
 Again, didn't remember the name.
 I believe Sue's son makes the metal tags.
 Robin Run the Hedge.  This is a queen size quilt and very heavy.
 Leaf Play 1.
 Leaf Play 2.
 Leaf Play 3.
 Leaves and Circles.
 A closer look...the one on the left has 5 layers of wool!
 Lady bugs of a different colour.
 Tiny lady bug.
 Another Bee.
 Flower Bed.
 Ginger Grove.
 One of Sue's early wool pieces.

 Love the colours and embellishments.
 More great stitches.
More to come in a couple of days.

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The little book of Nessie said...

Beautiful building. Lovely quilts. Regards, Nessie