Wednesday, 9 March 2016

I was surprised on Monday Morning with the arrival of my Primitive Quilts and Projects magazine.  I had contacted the publishers to ask why it hadn't arrived last week and they said they would send a replacement.  Well both arrived on the same day so I'll gift a friend with the other copy.

It has several interesting projects that are tempting me already...great more UFOs to add to the growing list!
 Saturday Rita and I went up for a look at the Pacific Spirit Quilters' Guild display at the new Eastburn Community Centre.  Unfortunately the smell of chlorine from the swimming pool gave me a terrible headache so I sat outside and enjoyed the changing weather.
 Daffodils in their glory.
 Don't know the name of this plant but there were masses of flies hovering around.  Love the blue against the lime green of the foliage.
 Tuesday I got my first subscription of Simply Moderne Quilts.  Love the cover photo of Wendy Williams of Flying Fish Designs Round the Garden quilt.  It will be shared in the next three issue!  Oops another UFO on the horizon.

They also have some great profiles of designers and other projects in this issue.  So glad I got a subscription.

I also started on Dawn Heese's Wooly Baskets.  First I whipped stitched them down.  I'm going for a brighter version than what she is working on.
 My friend has Beauty Berry in her garden with purple berries; so rather than red I chose purple for mine.
 All whipped stitched down and ready for some fun stitching.
 Finished them on Wednesday afternoon.  I had some fun with changing up the look of the blocks.
 I was a bit more restrained on the second basket.
 Love the look of them side by side.
 A closer look at the pistil stitches I did on the flowers and buds.
 I did a simple stitch to accent the stems.
 Stars on the berries.
If you want to get the pattern for these cute 6" baskets here is the link to the post on Dawn's blog.


Anna Bates said...

you are really starting to wear me out, LOL I am going to have to get that Moderne magazine :)...thanks friend

WoolenSails said...

I love how your blocks came out, they are beautiful. I need to decide on how I want to do mine so background choices first.
I was going to do up the E block, but my body is stiff and sore from our hike, so worked on my kitty piece, tomorrow i can finish that and the E.


paulette said...

My PG mag arrived on Monday too! I think they read them at Customs haha
Your basket blocks are wonderful...all those fancy stitches hit them out of the ball park!

The little book of Nessie said...

Simply Moderne is a great magazine. Your projects look good, keep up the good work. Regards, Nessie

Susan said...

Love your baskets. I wanted to make them, but have to content myself with saving the patterns for now. Maybe next year, I can do less CQ and more wool. Well, any would be more at this point!