Thursday, 24 March 2016

Wool Baskets 3 and 4.

Despite a nasty flare up of my arthritis I've plugged along on my two wool baskets from Dawn Heese and am very please with the results.  The first basket is a lovely shape and I decided to mimic the same stitch effect on some of the flowers from my previous basket.
 I love the pistil stitch effect on the red and pink blossoms.
 These red ones took forever to blanket stitch around but they are fun.

The second basket is one filled with tulips one of my favourite Spring flowers and reminds my of my maternal grandparents who were born in Holland.
 Love the mottled look of the purple tulips and of course I had to throw in some pink and yellow blooms.
 The plaid is from a skirt I felted that I found in a thrift shop.
 Here are blocks three and four side by side.
And here are the first four blocks together.  If you want to get three and four click here for a direct link to Dawn's blog.
Looking forward to her next set of two blocks.


Anna Bates said...

oh they are so lovely! And you are doing an amazing job. Is your arthritis in your hands?! Your stitching does't show it!

Anita said...

Your baskets are beautiful!

WoolenSails said...

Love how your baskets came out and the wool choices.


Karen in Breezy Point said...

Very pretty baskets--I love that you re-purposed the skirt!

Susan said...

Those look so good in the group photo. They are playing nicely together. I love all your individualization, too.