Thursday, 17 March 2016

Quilt as you go with Marianne Haak; Day Two

I trimmed up my blocks before quilting.  A misstep as Marianne suggests quilting then trimming afterwards.
 I decided to play with possible layouts of my rectangle blocks.
 Rectangles don't go together as nicely as squares.  But I'm liking some of the possibilities.
 It is amazing how many variations you can come up with thank goodness for the photos to help make decisions.
 I'm liking how this is looking.
 Maybe a different orientation, love that odd trimming piece.
 No, I think I like the ripple effect more.
 Maybe if I made two more blocks from those trimmings?
 I did the log cabin flip and sew method with a piece of batting behind.
 At home on Saturday night I layered the blocks, batting and backing pieces and used a fusible spray to keep them all together.
 Second day inspiration from the class.  The blocks on the left are Brian's.
 I think these are Nicole's.
 Marianne did this spiral quilting on the fractured sample.
 Not sure whose these are but they are lovely.  These are 20" blocks.
 Some more colours and shapes.
 Love that golden yellow/orange print.
 Interesting fabrics in different stashes.
 Cathy did this one, love the narrow print that is slashed.
 Luscious hand dyes by Mary's daughter.
 Some creative redoing of a block.
 All my blocks are quilted.  I did a spiral on the top right and a straight line log cabin look on the bottom left.
 Thinking of possible joining strips.
 Walk around the room at the end of day two.  A mix of fractured and non fractured blocks along with some quilted ones.
 Bold graphic prints mixed with solids.
 Soft pastels.
 Bold pastels.
 Multiple fractures on this quilted block.
 I love that black/grey building print.
 A larger sample of the collection.
 Designing some chair pads.  Using applique strips across the block.
 Favourite fabrics with possible joining strips.
 Spiral quilting on all these blocks.
 The blocks on the left were part of the soft petal collection that had some red added.  One of the rainbow children's prints used on the right four blocks.
 A closer look at some of my free form quilting lines.
 I used the same soft aqua top thread on all the blocks.
 The spiral was more free formed than following the presser foot width.
 I'm liking how the colours work against each other.  I sewed two sets of rectangle blocks together to change up the feel of the piece.

 I like how this one turned out.
 Gentle rippling curves.
Now to finish this little gem, time to make some decisions about joining strips.

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