Monday, 21 March 2016

Seems Odd to Say This Today...

Give me a L!
 Give me an E!
 Give me a T!
 What do you get?  LET it snow first three letters all stitched up.  Do they not look great together.  I'm pleased how my adaptation of the female Cardinal to a female Blue Jay turned out.
 I did go out and check out some of the lovely Cherry Blossoms.  Unfortunately the day turned grey and rainy so we didn't have a spectacular blue sky to show off the blooms.
 Here are some huge white star Magnolia trees on the same street.
 You can see the pink Cherry trees farther along.
 A mix of a Camilla Rose, Star Magnolias and Pink Cherry blossom through the mossy trunk.
 Another mix of white Star Magnolia trees and pink Cherry blossoms.  Soon those cars will be covered in petals.  Often there are people posing in the middle of the street for pictures with cars trying to navigate their way.  I had to honk to get one lady to move, she almost got run over by two cars.
 Love the moss on this tree.
 The grey skies and a couple of people standing taking photos.
 Such a delicate pink.
 The trees have been peched to arch over the street.
Cherry Blossom time in Vancouver, breath taking yes?


The little book of Nessie said...

Your snowmen are looking so cute. Love the blossom trees. Regards, Nessie

paulette said...

Your blocks are looking great!! Love your blossom pics!! Ahhh SPRING!!!

WoolenSails said...

I really love the colors you used, really stunning colors and the pattern on the purple gives you more variations with the way you cut. Looks like things are blooming in your area, our buds were just coming and then snow, but back to warm again.


Susan said...

Beautiful, yes! Thanks for sharing. Your snow people look great!