Wednesday, 27 April 2016

I got Mail!

I got a surprise in the mail yesterday.  An envelop with this book inside.  Paulette from Sweet P Quilting and Creations had been to Calgary and went to a sale. She spotted this book and knew who to buy it for.  She actually told me it was in the mail but I didn't know which one until I opened the envelop yesterday.
 Imagine my surprise when I cracked the book and saw this dedication.  I e-mailed my thanks to Paulette and she admitted that she had not looked inside so talk about a charmed gift.
 I also got a box with these bobbins from Superior Threads.  You can buy the donuts individually or as a pair.  I also found the Test Bobbins which have some imperfect winds and samples.
 All the red bobbin and from the white grey through the orange plus some more neutrals were in the bag.  There are about 50 bobbins in the bag.  I'm set up for hand applique for quite some time.  They are Masterpiece Cotton thread and lovely to use.
Heading off to my Wool group this morning will share pictures soon.


paulette said...

Glad you liked the book and didn't already own it! Love your donuts and they are the good kind of donuts...they will stay off the thighs!! haha

WoolenSails said...

What a sweet surprise and i know you will do a beautiful job with it.
I need to redo my thread and bobbin storage, have too many things in too many boxes, so trying to do a few things at a time to keep items in one place.


Susan said...

I love Masterpiece thread. What a great deal - that's .38 cents per bobbin! I will have to think about doing that. Such a nice treat from your friend. BTW, are you ready for more birds?

KaHolly said...

Aren't you the lucky one? XO

Anna Bates said...

What a surprise with that dedication inside the book!! Love my wooly wounds I didn't know about the I perfect winds?!

Lesley said...

Your circles are stunning! This is going to be an amazing quilt!