Sunday, 1 May 2016

365/366 2016 Circle Quilt Project.

Last night I got caught up or so I thought on my circles.  Today when I went to photograph them I was two short so I quickly stitched them up.
I've been busy working on my Sarah Fielke BOM and my cousin and another friend are in from out of town so my stitching of circles has gone to the wayside.

I started with some animal, the bunny being for April Fool's Day and then one of my favourite birds a Flamingo. Then I let whimsy take over my decisions.
 I found this spool ends fabric and decided the White Sale print was a perfect match for a background I also love the bird in a birdcage in this next group.
 I love clocks, and vintage sewing machines, the date below the pink on is 1970's which is when I really started sewing mainly clothing for myself.
 I've got a fairly interesting group of different fruit fabrics and decided to have some fun with them this month.

On Friday my cousin and I went out for Mexican food so ending the month with some hot sauce and Margaritas seemed appropriate.  Also some more sewing themed circles.

Here are April's all laid out together.  I may restitch the Margarita circle onto another fabric but I'll think on it.
 I replenished my bobbin supply of Masterpiece threads the other day.  Most times I try and match my applique thread to the circle.  The baggie is of miss winds and test spools, there were 50 in the baggie, I plan on adding some of the neutrals to my sewing kits rather than a full spool of thread.
 Here are my January thru March circles.  I've bagged them all together as I've got an idea of a layout that will require sewing them all together once they are all pieced.
I'm linking up with Quilty Folk's link party, click here to see what they are up to. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.


The little book of Nessie said...

You are going well on your circles. I love flamingos too. Great collection of threads. Regards, Nessie

Quilting Babcia said...

So many wonderful prints for your circles but I especially love all the black and white backgrounds.

P. said...

Such fun circles! I really like the black and white backgrounds as well. Your quilt is going to look fantastic and will be so interesting to look at with all the details.

Quiltdivajulie said...

I considered black and white backgrounds but went with several shades of blue (for a change - I know I used a lot of black and white last year). Your project is looking VERY good (and those donuts full of wound bobbins are so pretty).

Susan said...

It looks so good to alternate the black and white backgrounds. I love that some of the circles are so meaningful to you. Are you keeping a journal for the days, or just noting special things in your blog posts? Stuff mailed today. =)

audrey said...

Great to see all your fun circles! The alternating layout is wonderful.:)