Sunday, 8 May 2016

Saturday Finish and Happy Mother's Day!

First I'd like to wish my dear Mother a Happy Mother's Day, this is a picture of her on her 90th birthday last year and in just a few weeks it will be her 91st!
 Under my needle last week were the latest applique blocks of the Sarah Fielke Happy Days BOM.
 Adding some tulips, one of my favourite flowers to the mix.

 And the finished block with a little heart cut out on the yellow blossom.  I chose the blue heart in memory of my dad who passed away 28 years ago on Thursday.

Here it is beside the block I finished earlier in the week.

 The four large applique blocks together.

Here are all my applique blocks to date.  I need to start cutting and sewing the pieced blocks.  but I'm enjoying all the hand work.  I also have to finish off my wool baskets and catch up on my Sue Spargo Bird Dance Blocks.
If you are able, have a lovely Mother's Day with your mom or someone who takes time to mother you.  Not all Mothers are ones who gave birth to you.


Anita said...

Your blocks are BEAUTIFUL! I'm enjoying the progression!

The little book of Nessie said...

Those blocks are coming together well. Lovely photo of your Mum. Regards, Nessie

WoolenSails said...

The blocks came out beautifully and a nice photo of your mom.


paulette said...

I'm with Anita! Love watching your block grow!! No mothering here...:o(((

Susan said...

The blocks did finish nicely, and I love it with the side blocks next to them. It's going to be quite a lovely piece to add to your works. Your mom looks great - how lucky you are to have her still with you. She has a very lovely smile!