Friday, 6 May 2016

Under my needle this week.

I got the next set of blocks for the Sarah Fielke BOM and couldn't decide which background to choose for the flowers in the cup/bowl design.  This was one of my choices.
 And this was the other. I decided in the end to use this one.
 I chose the Hawaiian applique design to go onto the star background. I decided the random print rather than an repetitive one would work on the stars. I also used a freezer paper and starch method as I'm not a big fan of needle turned applique.
 I think it looks fun having the stars peeking through the heart cutouts.
I worked my way from the centre out to the arms and stitched the hearts in the arms last.  It sits nice and flat.
Here is a peek at the centre stars.
 A closer look at the arms.
 For the yellow flower I have a decision to make.  Have the triangles peek through.
 Use this pink print behind it.
 Or maybe the turquoise.
 I'm going to think on it while I continue to build my flowers.

 On a sad note late last night I found out that a dear friend's husband passed away and she is now a widow.  I am so sad for them both but know he is in a better place.  Ironically it was the same day that my dad passed away 28 years ago.  They were both avid fishermen and I'm hoping they are in a boat on a peaceful lake getting to know each other.


WoolenSails said...

Hard to say on the heart, I tend to go with traditional red, but the blue matches other colors too, but I do like the pop of red;)
Sorry about your friend, it is hard as we get older, we see that more often.


KaHolly said...

It is so much fun watching you make these blocks! I am sorry for your friend's loss. I know she is blessed to have you in her life.

Anna Bates said...

I really am drawn to the Hawaiian Applique block. I have a couple Hawaiian UFO's...of course. Anniversaries of passings are challenging. My dad's birthday was May 2 and he passed on May 4 so every year that week is a little bit tough. I think you dad and friend are catching the big one!

i like the blue heart...sometimes the heart is blue

Susan said...

Either heart is fine, but the dark pink/red one is a nice contrast with the yellow, and cheery. I like the background you chose for the flowers. I think with all the flowers, it needed a little calmer background. The heart splash is great on the first one, though! I'm so sorry for your friend. That is such a hard road to start down. I can't say it gets any easier with time, either. I think your vision of your dad with your friend's husband is a likely scenario for a Heavenly weekend. =)