Thursday, 14 July 2016

Friday Morning I headed south to

 Eugene Oregon and went to Piece by Piece.  They have a lovely large classroom with some wonderful quilts on display.
 A view from the opposite corner looking out into the shop.
 A closer look at some of the classroom samples.
 Behind the cash desk.
 Their row for this year.
 Along with a bonus row.
 The quilt that won in the shop being the first to arrive.
 One of their cute patterns incorporating their row of raindrops from last year and the addition of the trailers.
 Just the trailers by themselves.
 Cute monster quilts for a little one.  Love that Dutch Door that can be half open.
 Next up was across the highway at Something to Crow about.  A crow's nest which is perfect as we have a mountain pass in B.C. called the Crow's Nest!
 Some of the goodies in their shop.
 Every nook and cranny is crammed with display and product.
 Look one of Stay West Buttermilk Basin patterns nicely stitched up.
 More of their wool patterns and samples.
 Another cute one displaying a crow.
 Love this one but couldn't find the pattern.
 What a whimsical cute rabbit those carrots make it for me.
 Topsy turvy scarecrows.
 Autumn, Summer and a bit of Spring.
 Next stop was the Quilt Loft in Albany where they had a laser cut kit that was very detailed or you could decide to to a simpler version.
 Their license plate.

 Then onto my destination to check out how busy the shop was...
 Sue Spargo's new Folktails quilt.
 Love this bird.
 Zebras are one of my favourite African animals.
 Yes I'm in Sisters for the Quilt Show!  Here is their row.
 Then over to BJ's Quilt Basket in Bend the row depicts the smokestack of the mill that helped anchor the town.
 One of many Gypsy Wife quilts I was to see this weekend.
 An amazing project to take a class here.
 A companion piece.
 On to Sew Many Quilts, but no pictures as the shop was overfull.  There were about forty people in each of the cash line up so I proceeded to the the next shop.  I later heard they had about four buses show up almost at the same time!  Most of the staff worked the day without a break.

Quiltworks this is a quilt that usually hangs year around in their shop
 Here is their row this year is it not sweet?
Love this birds in tree piece.
Upstairs they had a show on.
Amazing pieces to enjoy.
Love the colours in this large log cabin and the quilting was lovely.
A closer look at the beach themed quilt.
Do you remember wearing one of those swim caps?  I do.
A row quilt featuring varying fish themed rows.
Serenity, there was a beautiful elephant piece on display but no photos were allowed.  I went back to get one of the photo cards but forgot to purchase it.
Tomorrow is the big day of the quilts!  Stay tuned.


WoolenSails said...

Enjoyed the shop and the quilts, so many fun pieces.


paulette said...

WOW! Something for everyone in that shop! Loved tons of stuff especially their Row By Row (the one with the leaves)! I think it's the nicest one that I have ever seen! Reminded me of the improv trees!! Thanks for sharing!~P

Beth Strand said...

So fun! I'm traveling, too, but no luck with quilt shops!

Susan said...

Thanks so much for sharing all of this! You found some wonderful things. I loved seeing Something to Crow About. It doesn't look like they have changed their focus much since I was last there!