Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Post Sister's Outdoor Quilt Show Visit to Redmond and Bend.

I mention I left the quilt show to head over to Redmond to visit their shop Material Girls Fabric.  It is located in a cute little house with a cousin's coffee shop right across the street.  Behind her sales desk was this cute rooster in the window.  Love his shape and that he is crowing loud and clear.
 Is this not a cute row?  The red trim along the roof line and fence is rick rack.  It represents the house nicely.
 She always has a small Paris themed quilt in this corner.  I guess she sold out of all the other fabrics and made a new one.
 Love this bicycle.
 Cute whimsical house and flower quilt.
 Some of the fabrics in the entry room of the house.
 Next stop was Sew Many Quilts in Bend.  I'd dropped in on Friday when I arrived but the shop was filled.  They had four buses arrive almost at the same time.  So I walked through and decided to come back during the show.  I think there were maybe a dozen or so shoppers so I could look at my leisure and take pictures.  But I was warned a bus would be showing up soon.  Here is their row quilt.  Love the mason jar with the spools of thread in it.
 This quilt reminds me of the creature in Pac-man.
 Sweet trio of trees made into a cushion.
 Some wool samples, they have some great patterns.
 Some more of their wool patterns.
 Love this pattern, it may soon be added to my to do list.
 Even more wool, I spy Buttermilk Basin's crow and strawberry piece.
 I've got this digital feature fabric and love how they cut it up and added other digital prints to make this quilt.
 Lovely mix of piecing and applique I think this is a Piece O'Cake pattern.
 Another sewing machine and spool themed quilt.
 Another cute use of rick rack around the edges of the flowers.
 Love the rainbow effect of the centre quilt.
 Baptist fan quilting softens the angular design.
 Can't decide which I like more the stitched or the wool version.
 Lovely selection of stitchery patterns.
 Love this Kathy Schmitz pattern.
 But then I couldn't decide which one to get.
 I'm not a big fan of fabric bowls but these pumpkin and leaf ones were tempting.  When I checked out I got to meet Anne of Cottons 'n Wool blog. She recognized me as Anna's friend from Canada! You can check out her blog here.
 Sunday morning Anna invited me to join her, Robin on her right, Lori on her left and Stacy West from Buttermilk Basin on the far left for breakfast.  Robin made us a great baked oatmeal with fruit underneath.  We had a lovely breakfast and then headed off to see the quilts in the garden.  Unfortunately the time on the ticket was incorrect and it was threatening rain so they missed it.  I had hoped to get a last minute ticket.
 Lovely quilt in the foyer of the hotel.
 But we managed to get inside the conference room  and take a few pictures of the quilts displayed.  They were by Kathy Doughty and they were trying to empty the room for the next show and tell.
 I love how she mixes prints and scale of design.  There were two quilts here the red and white and the print underneath.
 She taught a class of people in the woods based on the centre quilt.
 How amazing this walk would have been with the quilts hanging between the trees.
 Love the applique on that polka dot fabric.
 Solids beside a print quilt.
 A mix of prints and solids, throw in a few polka dots and stripes to make it interesting.
 This one has a very vintage feel to it.
 Oh to have seen this opened up.
 It was starting to rain as we went back into the hotel foyer to view the quilts on display.
 Another Gypsy Wife.
 Bright Primary colours.
 I think these were Cathy Woods quilts.  I've seen her Mary Lou Weidman story quilt about opening your purse to receive money during the full moon.
 Some more contemporary quilts.
A few more pictures to share of the drive home but it was a lovely time filled with some great memories.


paulette said...

Loved the wool section in the QS! Also loved the trees in wool and embroidery! I'm with you, both versions were wonderful!

WoolenSails said...

More wonderful quilts and shops and how fun to have breakfast with the girls.


Susan said...

Love seeing the quilt shop, and all those lovely quilts. You really lucked into those extra ones, didn't you?

KaHolly said...

My brain would have been on overload with all that quilt candy! Glad you had such a good time! Thanks for sharing all your pics! Almost as good as being ther! XO