Friday, 15 July 2016

Sister's Outdoor Quilt Show 2016 Part 1.

I'm sure by now you've seen a lot of photos from this year's show.  Here are some of the quilts that caught my eye this year.  I arrived late to the hanging of the quilts outside of The Stitchin' Post but lucked out with no cars blocking the view of the whole side of the building.
Is this not magnificent?
What a contrast to the one below in a softer palate.
These are made by the staff of the shop and shown usually at the Picnic in the Park on Friday night.  Unfortunately due to weather they moved it inside so I was not able to sit at the fringe and hear stories of the quilts.  Anna of Woolie Mammoth blog did a short video check out her site or her Quilt Roadies Youtube channel.
Generations of quilters.
Such diverse designs.
Loved this one.
Hard to see some due to the trees.
Gorgeous movement.
From traditional to modern all in one shot.
Birds on a wire.
A common shot, backs of other enthusiasts at the show but with patience you can
Get a shot like this.
Love this tree and the black she used was perfect for the animals.
They look as if taken from nature.
Love how the arbour acts like their nature environment hiding in the trees.
Wish I could see this one better.
Looking down Cascade Highway, they divert traffic for everyone safety.  It was about 0830 here still early many people bundled up in ski jackets, scarves and hats as it was lovely and cool.  Unusual as it often gets over 100C at times.
Love the juxtaposition of the modern quilts with the window with the nature silhouette.
Rainbow stars.
Cloudy in one direction and sunny blue skies elsewhere.
Ghana baskets, will check them out later.
What a great collection of colour mixing.
First of many Gypsy Wife quilts to be seen.
Lovely colour combinations.
Lime green is entering my palate of colours.
Whimsical houses and clouds.
Love the billboard.
A bit of tradition mixed with modern.
Love this use of prints and black and whites.
A bit closer look.
These were made by Freddy Moran, later I bumped into her while she was looking where to find her quilts and gave her directions.  She is such a delightful creative lady.
Interesting oval designs.
Love the movement of the piecing used in all these blocks.
Hard to pick a favourite.
Black white and colour.
New York Beauty blocks, how different it looks when I crop out the borders.
This one is amazing.
I believe it is designed by a Dutch lady Wilhelmina sorry forgot her last name I saw this in Houston about three years ago.
Just amazing.
More black and white with colour.
Quarter circles made and traded around.
Love that yellow and orange fabric and block.
More to come over the next while.  Enjoy your weekend.


Susan said...

Really quite amazing you got so many great photos! Those curvy quilts are my faves, 'cause I know I'll never make one. I love lime green!

The little book of Nessie said...

Lovely quilts. Thanks for sharing. Regards, Nessie

WoolenSails said...

I love seeing all the quilts, you got a lot of wonderful photos and a nice variety.
I love folk and prim for home quilts but I also get inspired when I see the art pieces, I really want to do some of my own.