Sunday, 17 July 2016

Sister's Outdoor Quilt Show Part 2

I found this lovely display of some of the works of Kathy Diggendorfer.  Some are original paintings of Kathy and others are quilts that were made from the paintings.
 Here is one of her pieces.
 Here is Tonye Belinda Phillip's version in a quilt!
 I also found a small quilt shop called Pieceful Expressions in the same building.  I wasn't aware there was a second quilt shop in Sisters.
 It is a small shop filled with samples and people on show day.
 Cute use of a feature fabric.
 I finally spotted one of the Sister's mountains coming out from from cloud cover.
 Inside the teachers tent were these sister quilts done in two colour ways, I'm not sure which I like better the yellow...
 or turquoise.  Sorry I forgot to get a close up of the teacher's name.
 A lovely basket quilt.
 Missed the label in this close up.  Love the soft polka dot background and border to make it float.
 Lovely moon over the mountain.
 I know that Anna Bates had this Primitive Gatherings quilt as her teachers quilt.  Evelyn's Album she didn't use all twelve blocks so it can hang on a certain wall.  I think she plans to put the remaining together as a table runner.
 Whimsical town.
 Love the abstract piecing of this one.
 Another modern piece.
 Lovely X design.
 I'm partial to zebras this one is by Ann Shaw who I shared some pictures of her work at Fiddlesticks in Vancouver Washington.
 Jean Wells Kennan has certainly departed from her original folk art style.
 I think this may be another of Jean's.
 Love this whimsical bird.
 Another Ann Shaw piece.
 January quilt from their Calendar, I think Anna got this one.
 My favourite February for my birthday.  I think it is similar to the raffle quilt from last year.
Not sure who did this lovely log cabin quilt.
 Sally Frey's piece.
 Barbara Sharpel's sockeye salmon.
 Love this one again sorry no name.
Back outside I found this fun quilt using a border print for inspiration.
 Love the fins on that car and the teardrop trailer.

I've got a soft spot for basket quilts and love the half log cabin blocks inside the handle and the lovely appliqued vine.
 Two more Gypsy Wife quilts.
 Turquoise Feathers.
 Love this ironwork inside the band shell.
 Cute use of her grand childrens' old clothes.
 I walked by this quilt at least three times before getting this shot without people in front of it.
 Cascade Highway just before eleven is getting busier and people are shedding their layers of clothes as it is warming up.
 Interesting irregular border to this piece.
 Inside on Show day, is always busy.
 No I didn't get any shopping done here on show day.
 Talking on the phone while in that long line.
 Gazing up at all the lovely works on display.
 In the classroom things are hanging lower down.
 Batiks moved into the classroom to maximize their display area.
 Love these fish by Jean Wells Kennan.
 Neutral logs with a pop of red.
 Even a print or two.
 This was the first view I attempted to get of the Sisters from Anna's window at 0750.
 Now just after eleven you can see them all.  Time to check out the shops in Redmond and Bend while everyone is busy at the show!


paulette said...

Looks like Sister QS has really gone modern...:o( I attended their show about 10 years ago and loved it but was much more traditional. Loved the Stitching Post too. I sure kick myself for never attending the Buggy Barn Quilt Show. Now that's one that I would was love! Did you ever make to that show?

Susan said...

Thanks for such a great quilt show sharing. I love the birds, especially, and that neutrals and red. So many beautiful quilts!