Monday, 20 November 2017

Come and Join the Fun, you might even Win!

 As you know I'm currently working on the current Sarah Fielke BOM called Down the Rabbit Hole.  I've signed up for both of her new 2018 BOM also.  Sarah has just announced on instagram a chance to win one of the programs along with the videos, acrylic templates and some fat quarters of her new Word Play line of fabric! For details check out her website Sarah Fielke here  Or follower on instagram click here
 Here are the line drawing for Simple Folk border variation 1
 Simple Folk border variation 2
Grasshopper is designed to be all hand stitched if you wish.
This is the line drawing she shared for Down the Rabbit Hole.
Got my bees attached over the weekend.
Another one here.

And a third one here.
I also finished up my blocks for the tree swap. These were the first ones, they are not reading the true colour not quite so fluorescent.
Next up red and green stripes and text fabrics.

 The first two sets together.
More red and green with script and text.
Golden yellow text and snowflake prints.
Three and four together.
And a sampling on all four block variations.
They will be packed up and mailed can't wait to see what comes home!


WoolenSails said...

I love what I am seeing on the new quilt, gorgeous fabrics and appliqué.
Your trees are also fun, I assume you send those out and then you get different ones from the people signed up?


Anna Bates said...

Sounds like fun and your trees are awesome 😀