Thursday, 16 November 2017

Prepping, Cutting, Stitching, November Colours.

I've been busy prepping pieces for the Down the Rabbit Hole quilt. This month is prepping four sitting bunnies, I have two prepped.  Stitching down lollipop flowers and leaves.  I also added some tulip flowers and leaves. Making two centre circles with hearts.  The leaves take forever to stitch and are very small.

Loving the look of the spots on the bunnies.
 I decided to add an inner ear on the front ear to help define the bunny.  I've also prepped all the eyes for these guys when I made the leaping bunny.  Fortunately they have the same size eyes!  I noticed I lost the freezer paper template but have it cut and prepped ready to sew.  Then I'll prep the second set, I cut out two templates one for each direction.  Notice I wrote black on the freezer paper, why because I cut one out facing the wrong way!
 I decided to use the same fabrics for both heart and circle medallions and not change them as I did with the tulips.  I have the word sew framed for each heart.
 I do a running stitch around the circles and also for the curve of the hearts.  I iron and then paint them with starch to help obtain a nice even outer edge.
 I cut heat resistant Mylar templates for the bee body and wing as I've prepped 8 sets for the four borders.
 This is how Sarah has the bees on her quilt.  Don't you love the measuring tape fabric for the bee bodies?  I don't have a yellow and black stripe and didn't want to piece the bodies.  Did that for my Mary Lou garden swap blocks and it would be a b*gg*r to applique all those seams.
 I may do some with the wings this way but still thinking on it.
 For those doing the flower border Sarah made some tulip and daisies besides the lollipop flowers.
 I decided to put some on my bunny border.
 I've also got a couple of the lollipop flowers.  Used heat resistant Mylar and gathering stitch for these circles also.  I clip the knot and sew them down.  Just before I'm finished I pull the basting thread out.  I find it helps with keeping the shape of the circle better.
 Some more flowers ready to stitch.
 The small centre.
 Another one.
 Here is a picture of the first finished bunny border but still needing the bees to be added.  My trick for getting a full picture of the bunnies is to hang them on a design wall vertically and then crop and rotate the picture.
 The lollipop flowers looked funny under the bunny so I made the tulips instead, looking like he was running thru not over them.
 Sew fussy cut for the tulip.
 Love the yellow and turquoise tulip.
 Having fun fussy cutting words for the flowers.
 The white bunny side.
 Had to have at least one bunny tulip!
 Some tight curves to sew on the bunny at the neck and rear leg.
 I didn't like the look of the white against the grey spot on his hind leg curve so yes I did camouflage it but go back and check out the black bunny.  They were both smooth curves.
 Looks like she is kicking that back flower out of her way.
 Another vertical picture rotated but you get the idea.
 I've been fascinated with all the mushrooms and toadstools that have popped up this Autumn.  These ones were hidden under on of the rhododendrons. Hence the green out of focus leaves.
 Love this little collection of the toadstools.
Interesting to see the evolution of the colour and shapes.
 Not sure what kind of mushrooms these were.  They were cluster around the base of one of the rose bushes.
 We've had a series of wind and rain storms and the now filled pool is cover with them floating on it.  This was taken on November 10th.
 Yesterday afternoon after stitching some tree blocks I went to Tre Galli Gelato Cafe, love these metal chickens adorning the space.
 You can see the flags snapping in the brisk wind.  The day started lovely and sunny with blue skies and no clouds.  5 hours later there was just a hint of brightness along the horizon.
 Some of the late blooms along the quay.
 We as equally coloured leaves.
 Caught this bright yellow out of the corner of my eye.
 Interesting seed pods.  Don't recall what the blossoms looked like.
 So delicate.
 Rose hips amongst the few roses.
 Amazing that some of the trees still have leaves while the surrounding ones are long gone.
 This maple was filled with coloured leaves.
 Skinny maple leaves.
 The river was busy, this tug was towing three booms.
 The one behind had one.
 Love this peeling bark maple tree.
 The leaves are a lovely colour.
 Some tiny tiny mushroom pushing up.
 Another large one starting to break thru the soil.  I think this will be one of the orange toadstool varieties.
 More smaller ones.
 A bit of brightness across the river.
I was surprised by the large load of heavy duty equipment on this barge being towed by one tug but a bit of help from a friend to negotiate the curve in the river.
 I mad another 8 red and green Christmas trees for my swap.
 Here they are with the previous pink red and greens.
 Walking around to the front of my building some lovely colours.
 The larger trees have pretty much lost their leaves. The smaller maples are hanging on to theirs and there are still a few green ones around.
 These maple leaves are hanging in there.
 The lobby view on November 15th.
And the view from the second floor.
 Looking along Quayside Drive at the leaves across the street.
 The trees outside my front door.


Kyle said...

That bunny border is great! So much detail. You've been very busy!

Anna Bates said...

Wow! This post is full of eye candy! Love the spotted bun buns💕

Susan said...

You had some beautiful colors this year! We were supposed to, but it never happened, really. Too warm for too long, I think. Only turned cold today, but it turned with a vengeance! Your bunnies are fabulous, and I think what I can see of the border is just wonderful!

Susan said...

PS I LOVE the bees! Yes, do some with the wings up on top like that.