Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Mushrooms and Trees

After a long hot dry summer I was surprised this Autumn with all the different varieties of Mushrooms I've seen on my walks along the quay.  No I don't know their proper names or if they are edible or not.  I'm just fascinated with all the colours and shapes.
 This one looks like a gnome must have sat on the edge to cause the deformity.
 This is one of my favourite groupings.  It was hidden under a rhododendron bush.
 A different perspective of the ones above with a few added friends.
 Looks close to the ones above but none of the orange or brown colouration.
 These I found around the base of a rose bush.
 A teeny tiny one.
Love how they layer together overlapping.
 Decapitated by the wind or an animal.
 I flipped it over to find the colour.  It was probably close to 8" in diameter!
 Interesting fringe version.
 Weird shapes.
 Another interesting shaped grouping.
 Love the colour and shape of this one.
 A neighbour pushing thru looking almost perfectly formed.
 Deep under a mossy carpet under a rhododendron.
 Love these skinny stemmed variety.
 Love the shapes of their caps I imagine some fairies dancing amongst them.
 Here are all my swap trees.  The Jane Sassaman dot print is pink and red and hard to get a good colour representation against the bright green.
 Red and green striped versions were my second grouping.
The Pink, Red and Green ones together.
 A green, red and white text with a green and white text version.
 My golden yellow and white version.
 The red, green, white and golden yellow versions together.

Finally a sampling of each of the colour ways together.  They soon will be in the mail to California and close to Christmas I've have a surprise sent back to me.
 Today my friend Anna shared she is doing a pincushion exchange with a group of stitching friends.  It reminded me of a couple that I made in November 2010.

This one was part of a Fall-O-Ween blog hop and was designed by Kim Diehl. If you are interested you can click here and get a copy of the pattern.
This second one was inspired by Kaaren of The Painted Quilt blog. Sadly she is no longer posting on the blog but has lots of inspiration and tutorials that you can access by clicking here.


WoolenSails said...

I love seeing different types of mushrooms and no idea what ones you can eat. I am allergic to them anyways.
I do love the tree blocks, can't wait to see what ones you get.


Kyle said...

Lots of variations in your post today from mushrooms to trees. The tree blocks you're exchanging are great. I really like the Jane S. fabric ones. It will be exciting when you get yours in the mail.

Karen said...

Kaaren, myself and two other ladies did a sort of round robin wool pin cushion. We were doing the seasons. Your wool project reminds me of that. Each of us started with 1/4th of the section of our pin cushion and appliqued something to represent the season and then passed it around to the others to work on also. Fun.