Sunday, 5 November 2017

West Coast Colour, staying Focused on Down The Rabbit Hole and SNOW!

This was the view on October 29th from my condo, after a couple days of rain and wind a lot of the trees off the big tree on the quay were gone and what remained was lots of oranges, rust and yellow.
 I caught this tree at the perfect time, it is adjacent to my patio to the right and I usually look to the left towards the river.
 Japanese maples have such delicate leaves.
 On Sunday I took my mom for a drive around Stanley Park to see what kind of colours it had on display.
 The speed limit is only 30 km of about 20 mph around the park so you can enjoy the serenity of your surroundings.
 Cyclists were pedalling faster than the speed limit!
 Pulled over to take a shot of the sun along the side of the trees.
 Such texture, this area of the park was damaged by a huge windstorm we had several years ago and it used to be much darker but nature gave us back the light.
 This is a view of Lost Lagoon with some of the buildings in the West End across the water.
 Loved the peace of this area so close to the downtown hustle and bustle.
 These Laughing Men statues were brought for a temporary art installation, they were so popular that the city bought them!
 On Halloween, I went down to Granville Island while in the area for a doctor's appointment.
 Looking under the Burrard Street Bridge at some of the colourful trees.
 Looking under the bridge toward Beach Street and the West End.
 This was part of the Expo 86 area along False Creek.
 These Aquabus commute around False Creek 365 a year.
 Love this restaurant.
 Rogers Chocolates used to only be sold in Victoria but now have other outlets.  Love their cream filled chocolates.
 So as October ends...
 I had to buy these cute solar Pumpkin Dancer..
 Pumpkin Juggler..
 and a Flying Witch.
 I found this on Facebook Choose your first name.
 Your last name
 and your companion. Zelda Booch and Melter is my name and my Crow's.

 Focus on finishing the quilts for borders and quilt the other four.
 I managed to finish my leaping rabbits border by October 31! I figured out if I hung them vertically and then cropped them and rotated the image I could get both rabbits into on image unlike the top half where you only see partial rabbits!
They will be facing towards the quilt when attached in the bottom orientation.
This was when I was stitching them together but hadn't figured out how to show them all done.
November arrived.
The colours along the quay are so pretty on the Witch Hazel.
 Still finding some toadstools coming up.
 The city gardeners were out blowing the leaves off the quay onto the river.
 Caught this shot of the leaves blowing thru the railing while on the brick portion of the quay walk.
 Some more toadstools with out the bright orange colour.
 Interesting shape to this one.
 Friday woke up to a surprise dusting of snow!  They had said it would fall on higher elevations but I didn't expect it at river level.
 It managed to cover the grass and trees but the walkways stayed clear.
 The maple adjacent to my patio was covered.
 Outside my condo I look onto a cul du sac and this maple also was covered.
 A look back towards the river from the lobby view.
 By the late afternoon the snow was gone except in shady area.
 The leaves on the big tree are all gone and the sun was back today again.
 My little Maple tree has all but lost most of its leaves.
 I finally figured out if I turned the rows vertical and photographed them I could get both the rabbits in the picture when I cropped the width and then rotated the photo.
November arrived with blue skies.
 Now I'm doing month 10 stitching on the leaping rabbits.  Sarah suggests lollipop flowers but I decided to add some tulips also.  They need to have leaves added to both the flower styles.  Most are pinned and not stitched.  I decided to cut a few of each and play with the placement before cutting them all out for both borders.
 Close up of the left side.
 And the right side.
 And the middle.
 Sarah also released the sketches for her next BOM in 2018.  This is the Grasshopper and will be hand pieced for all if you wish or a combination if you choose for the border blocks.  It will run over 7 months.  I thought there would be a grasshopper involved but don't see one.  Here is a link to the fable of the Grasshopper.
 This is Folk Art the second of her BOM for 2018 and will have a second border
 Option as shown here and will run over 12 months.  Your choice do one or both...I signed up for both...I may be crazy!  For information about each of the BOM's go to Sarah's website link here.
 Here is a collage of my changing view since October 29th till today.  Have a lovely creative exciting week.


WoolenSails said...

What a difference, everything was so beautiful and the colors look beautiful surrounding your area, then snow, ugh.
Love how you have so much diversity in your area, such a beautiful place to get out and go for walks.
Looks like you are making good progress on your quilt, it is coming out beautifully.


KaHolly said...

I love how much you enjoy life! You take pleasure in every little thing! Your BOM is progressing nicely! She certainly is talented and designs some beautiful quilts!

Susan said...

Both? Yes, you may be crazy. LOL I can't believe you had snow already. Still so many beautiful pictures. I'm Hester Stitchwitch and I have a companion named Midnight - which is a great name for a black cat, don't you think? Or a crow.