Monday, 18 April 2011

Anne's Hawaiian Quilting

On Saturday I found Anne's Hawaiian Quilting, an amazing little shop found just off the shopping in Waikiki Beach.  My friend Debbie spent some time with Anne when she visited Oahu 2 years ago.This first quilt represents each of the Hawaiian Island, the Hawaiian Royalty and the British sailors who came to the islands.
 This turquoise quilt was a favourite of mine.  These are all original designs of Anne's.
 I like the simple flowing shapes that are found on this piece.
 She does do some two colour plus white quilts.
 This is the entry to Anne's Hawaiian Quilting domain.
 This building can be seen from Anne's building, it caught my eye earlier in the day while driving around the city.
 These leaf inspired gates allow access to the above building.
 This leaf is inspiring of a classic design.
Here is Anne!  Here work is amazing if you get a chance to drop by her shop go and spend the time to be inspired.  I bought some white, yellow, pink and  turquoise fabrics along with some of her patterns to start work on a quilt of my own.       
May you find that special design to inspire you!

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The little book of Nessie said...

The designs of the Hawaiian quilts are very striking. Great pictures. Regards, Nessie