Wednesday, 27 April 2011

A quilt shop and Waikiki Aquarium

First stop of the day was Kaimuki Dry Goods quilt shop.  We took two city buses to get to this great shop.
 They have a huge selection of quilting fabrics and some lovely patterns.
 This shop has lots of lovely staff and and some great customers.  One worked for the bus company and helped us figure out the quickest way to get to the Waikiki Aquarium.
 Bolts and bolts of fabric and lots of samples to get inspiration from.
 Next stop was the Waikiki Aquarium, hey look, there's Dorry!
 Dorry and friends watching a speedy friend gliding by.
 This coral looks more like a mushroom.
 Hard to get a picture of this guy speeding around the tank, look at it's interesting tail.
 Lots of colour and movement.  I didn't use any flash with my photos, so as not to disturb the fish.
 These jelly fish were amazing to watch as they moved around the tank.
 What a lovely red sea urchin, almost looks like a flower snapped off it's stem.
 Don't these look like toadstools floating in the water?
 Bright lemon yellow and crisp white contrasting nicely.
 Graceful shape and movement, a silent symphony.
 A frog face fish!
 This coral looks like a huge oyster.  Love the little fish on the right.
 A lovely graceful fish.
 Who is that masked fish?
 Do these stripes make me look fat?
 Peace and serenity.
 A lovely Hawaiian queen.
 Some plumeria flowers opening up, a memorable Hawaiian scent.
 A double hibiscus flower.
 One with ruffled edges.
 An unusual colour combination, peach and amethyst purple.
 A different type of bird of paradise.
 Another iconic Hawaiian symbol, Hawaiian Airlines.
Next stop Maui!

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Carol W said...

Great pictures. Makes me want to go!