Friday, 22 April 2011

Waikiki Beach...

Walking along Waikiki beach we came upon this statue named the Surfer.
 Looking across at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel now known as the Hilton Hawaiian.
 A closer look at Diamond Head.
 A very bright sailboat enjoying the Sunday sun.
 This statue features the endangered monk seal and a young surfer.
 An iconic pose by and unknown surfer.
 Sun, sand and palm trees...paradise.
 Duke Kahanamoku, the original surfer who encouraged others to teach tourists to learn how to surf.
 Beautiful leaf motif on top of a building with amazing blue skies.
 Bias relief of more tropical leaves on a building.
 Some batik fabrics from Fabric Mart in Honolulu.
 Some bright solids with white to inspire me to make a traditional Hawaiian quilt from Anne's Hawaiian Quilts.
 An hibiscus postcard from Anne that she is selling as a fundraiser for Japanese earthquake relief.
 More leaf and floral inspirations for quilt design.
 Some good advice!
 Aerial roots of the Banyan tree just outside of the Honolulu zoo.
 Beautiful colour and shapes to the flowers.
 A white hibiscus just starting to open.

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The little book of Nessie said...

Love seeing a lot of your photos of your holiday Sandi. Looks like you had good weather. Regards, Nessie