Sunday, 24 April 2011

Honolulu zoo

The Honolulu zoo is walking distance from Waikiki  beach.  It is very level and an easy walk with lots of shade from the surrounding trees.  They have a lot of nice benches that you can stop and enjoy the animals.
 There are lots of flowering trees and bushes on the site.
 A group of peacocks were wandering around the grounds, we found them first at an outdoor restaurant.
 This tortoise was busy taking a bit of a stroll.
 This guy seemed to have need of a napkin.
 Some smaller turtle cousins enjoying a bit of sun and water.
 This plover flies from Hawaii to Alaska and back!
These ringed tail lemurs were enjoying some close company. 
 Some lovely flowers blooming.
 An orangutan looking of towards a friend.
 There are a large collection of birds on the site, I have to look up names.  This is a cattle egret.
 This guy was trying to get some insects for lunch.
 We went into a small aviary and found this Hammerkop collecting twigs and mud for the nest.
 A variety of hibiscus that looks like a Chinese lantern.
 What a lovely colour for this curved slender beak.
 More mud and twigs for the nest.
 The two mates together in a tree.  The male is on the left, female on the right.
 What lovely markings on this colourful bird, it's called a red and yellow barbet.
 A black masked lovebird and two friends.
 This bird has a yellow breast that I could only see in brief glimpses.  It is a golden-breasted Starling.
 This poor cattle egret appears to only have one leg.
 What an interesting looking bird...a marabou stork.
 Look closely and see the African Ground Hornbill's long eyelashes!
 Looking off in deep thought.
 A lovely colour combination.
 What a mouthful...flew right by me, fortunately my camera was ready.  I believe it is an eclectus parrot.
 Peacocks roosting in the shade of the trees during the hot afternoon sun.
 One meerkat sunning while the other watches for predators.
 A giraffe made of rebar.
 A bronze statue of a baby elephant.
 Not far away from a stone baby elephant.
 Steps away from the real one.
 A toucan.
 Reaching for an itch, or taking a nap?
 The Roseate Spoonbill above and below.
 A coral coloured ibis.
 Eucalyptus tree.
 An egret.
 Flamingos with bronze statues.
 An ibis?
 What an interesting bird, look at those long white feathers at the back. It is a Black-Crowned Night Heron.
 Look at these tail feathers.
 Back to the beach before returning to the room for awhile.
Hope you've had a good Easter weekend.

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