Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Another Road trip...

Thursday morning I woke up bright and early and set off south of the border. Other than a quick stop for some coffee I drove quite steadily south along I-5.

My first stop was in Chehalis at Sister's Fabrics.  I've been in this store several time and enjoy seeing what is new.  They have an extensive fabric collection of Kaffe Fasset and other great designers.  They also carry wool this visit I forgot my camera in the car but I did get one of their patterns for the row by row experience and this little selection of fabric for an upcoming project. Click here to go to their on line link.
A few weeks ago my friend Tricia went to a dog agility trial and found this next shop.  I had picked up a copy of the latest Quilt Sampler magazine and had it on my hit list for this upcoming trip.  The shop is Fiddlesticks in Vancouver Washington.  As you can see there is lots of natural light from many windows in the store.  They have a lovely set up of different areas to poke about.
 Lovely samples are hanging on the walls and draped over open cupboard doors.  This shop has only been open for 3 1/2 years but it feels to be established longer.
 Different walls have different colours to help show off the quilts.
 Their classroom is quite large and was being used by a couple of ladies.  She knows I took her picture.
 Love this pieced chicken.
 Lovely flowers by the same designer.
 My stash I got, she has a long arm quilt machine adjacent to the cash. Click here to go to their on line link and view more shop photos.
 Then I crossed over the Columbia River and decided to try and find a new shop to me.  A Common Thread was my next stop. It is a large open concept store with some lovely fabrics.
 Love the lime green walls!
 Here is their row by row experience.  They designed it using bias tape not fusible!  Their trees are all paper pieced.  Very nicely done.
 My stash from them...
 Next up was one of my favourite shops in the area Pioneer Quilts.  This is my third or fourth visit since their move and I find something new and exciting each visit.
 A stop at the wool corner is always a must.
 Beautiful flower sampler hanging by the cutting and cash station.
 Love basket quilts.
 Some more.
 My stash enhancement, they have also opened up another part of the house where the kitchen is and made that into part of their clearance area.
 Their rows, the one on top was last year and the fish below are this year's row by row. Click here for a link to Pioneer Quilts.
 My last stop for the day was in Salem at Greenbaum's Quilted Forest.  I love the turquoise walls and exposed brick seen on different walls.
 Lovely quilts hanging all around the shop.
 Modern influences.
 Rag quilt.
 Santa rag quilt.
 Bright colours.
 Dahlia quilt.
 Samples of patterns.
 Their row by row experience.
 My stash enhancement.  Click here for their on line link.
More to come over the next few days...


marie said...

That a long road trip! 3 friends and I traveled from Dallas, OR (15 west of Salem) to Sisters, Terrabonne, Redmond, Bend and La Pine to pick up Row by Row Blocks. It was a long 14 hour day. But fun was had by all. I have 2 of the rows made and starting on my 3rd. How many are you planning on collecting?

Mary said...

What a great trip. I was in Seattle This past weekend, and picked up a couple of Row by Rows. You are gathering some fun ones. Love your fabrics as well.

Rachaeldaisy said...

It all looks wonderful!! Thank you for all the photos, I don't get to quilt shops very often so it's fun to see the shops you go to.

Susan said...

You got such cute rows! Most of the ones I've picked up have not been so cute. I'm jealous. =) It sounds like so much fun for the day. You don't have trouble crossing back and forth at all? I love seeing all these shops.