Friday, 24 July 2015

Another Road Trip...Day 3 continued

This quilt reminds me of the tuffit stools that you sometimes see but this person decided to make it into a quilt, not the story but I like my version of it's creation.
 I love skeleton trees and this reminds me of a photo I took of a tree with some paper lanterns.
 Cascade Highway runs thru Sisters and is blocked off to motor traffic, but they do allow some cross access.  At the first show I attended traffic was still allowed and snaked along slower than people walking along side.  They would stop the traffic so pedestrians could cross.  Now it is diverted to parallel streets.
 I love going into the pharmacy to see what is on display and to enjoy a bit of the a/c.
 Again a skeleton tree...
 but this one is made with couched yarn.
 A lovely feathered star within another within another.
 Some of the quilts commemorating the 40th anniversary of the show.
 I love this one, can you see how she made the store the heart of the piece?
 Lovely applique.
 Flying geese, hummingbirds and hollyhocks.
 A field of tulips.  I love all the mix of reds she used to applique the tulips inspired by a card depicting the tulips in Mount Vernon Washington.
 On The Divinity of Second Chances was another group of challenge quilts that were featured in this area.

 This is another one based on the same book although no moon in it.

Dancing in the moonlight.
 The one on the right was part of a featured artist display at QuiltWorks last year.
 Depicting another state I love, Utah.
 Five ladies from Gees Bend were out on the porch stitching and chatting with people.
 I met China when she and some of the other members of the group came to Vancouver in 2011
 Some of their lovely quilts covering the porch they were sitting on.
 Simple but effective design.
 Love the yellow in this one.
 This one was made with old U.S. postal uniform shirts.
 Sue Spargo with Alex Anderson in meet the teacher tent.

 A view of the three Sisters mountains.
 This is the first time I recall not being able to see the peak.
 The house of a quilting friend I know.
 At first I thought this was a sandpiper, but realized we were too far from the ocean.  It is a killdeer, they lay their eggs on dirt and if a threat comes near the next the parents will fake a broken wing to draw the threat away.
 Heading out of town I spotted this guy...hey wait a minute..
 His right antler is damaged!
 He was also walking with a limp, I wonder if those circling birds from earlier in the morning were checking him out.  He quietly fed and let me take almost a dozen pictures.  I sent them to Anna and she thinks he must have been hurt fighting another buck.  I hope it wasn't due to a car accident.  He is hanging in there and will loose that rack in the fall and grow a new set next year.
 I forgot to share pictures of the row from Material Girl Fabrics in fact I forgot my pattern and had to go back after walking the show.
 Rainbow theme.
 Cute use of a Christmas fabric for a table runner.
 Postcards from Paris.

 A trip out to The Fabric Shack in Prineville to get their row pattern.

I'm a sucker for a fun striped fabric.
 Fabrics from Material Girls I got.
 Anna gifted me with a 40th anniversary bag, a cute thread spool pincushion and some tulip needles.
 Rain on my way back to the motel in Bend..another first.  Good thing is Sisters only got a few sprinkles.


quilt cookie said...

thank-you for posting so many pictures from Sister's!!! I enjoyed it so much last year and it was so nice to meet a fellow cow maker. My first "Cow Pie" has been put out to pasture but my cow from Sister's is still with Mary Lou. I will be looking forward to seeing more photos.

Rachaeldaisy said...

Wow!! Your post has made me want to get to Sisters even more than I already wanted to. Oh my golly, everything - the quilts , the teachers, the scenery, looks amazing!! I'm so happy you had such a great time, and thank you for sharing your photos with us.