Sunday, 19 July 2015

Another Road Trip...Day 3!

Day 3 started with coffee and scones at my friend Anna's home.  Anna is the host of Woolie Mammouth Blog that you can find by clicking here.  Anna is the gal second from the left and the four other gals are 3 sisters and a friend who rent a house close by each year to come and visit and stitch at Sisters during their quilt week leading up to the big show.  Each year they challenge each other to make an item with an "ugly" fabric and I arrived in time for the big reveal.  Three made bags and Anna and one of the sisters made quilts.
 Here is a bit closer look at the big quilt.
 Anna's table mat.  I think the fabric is in the centre and final borders was the challenge fabric.
 I managed to get inside the Stitchin' Post before the store officially opened.  Hey can I help it if they don't stop and tell me I can't go in that door?
 I managed to take a few photos before the anxious shoppers waiting at the front door were allowed to enter.
 Love all those fish.
 Lots of wonderful samples in this shop and great fabric choices.
 So full of colour and inspiration.
 The doors have officially opened!
 So I went outside to look at some of the employee challenge quilts hung on the side of the store.  The firemen come with their ladder truck to aid in the hanging.
 Love that spools quilt!
 Lots of colour and inspiration.
 So many quilts!
 Now to walk the streets for even more colour.  This is the front entry to the store to the right.
 Bright colours against white, lovely.
 A look from across the street.  The main highway is diverted with some side street access.
 A view of the mountains and countryside around Sisters.
 Circles and whirly gigs.
 I found Anna's 40th Anniversary celebration quilt.  A combination of wools and cottons.
 Wiping down the side of the building before letting the quilt rest.
 Bright and early like the rooster crowing good morning!
 Lovely four coloured stars.
 A bit of nature among all the quilts.
 Sue Spargo's Bird Dance Birds surrounding an original designed peacock quilt.
 A bit closer look.
 What appears to be a button is actually many small gold beads, larger textured beads and sequins.
 Smaller art quilts.
 Not a cat person but a lovely quilt.
 Quilting not so much a hobby more like an obsession.  Is that true for you?
 Birds of prey and crows circling high above the trees?
 Ironically today I noticed the next quilt mimics the photo above.  I just liked the shape of the tree.
 The group of buildings where the original Stitchin' Post was located.
 Whimsical giraffes.
 The building on the right was where the Stitchin' Post originally was as I recall.
 Love that heart quilt!
 This is where the cow parade was last year, completely different look.  Click here and scroll down for the same view last year.
 But look what I found around the corner!  Two cow quilts both made by Ann Martin of Terrebonne Oregon.  Check out the moustache fabric she used for the body of her cow.
 And the jack o'lanterns for her Boovine.
 Keeping in the Halloween theme is is cute Witch's Hat by Kirstin Shields of Bend Oregon.
 Love the spiderweb quilting around the Witch!
 Need a Kenya Basket?
 Another nature break.  If you click on the image you may see the ant on the centre bud.  Captured by luck.
 Gorgeous day for the 40th anniversary show.  Cooler than in Portland that day.
More of the show to come soon.


The little book of Nessie said...

Looks like you are having a lovely trip. Lovely pictures. Regards, Nessie

Sheila said...

Lucky you that must be an incredible experience to see that quilt show . Thanks for sharing the photos !!

Anna said...

you are so sweet! I am finally finding some time to take a look at photos of others at the quilt show. I never saw the raindrop? quilt which I love or the cow ones!!! I love my sewing machine...I think it is my favorite quilt. This year the Twisted Sisters and I are challenging each other with an 18 inch mixed media project??? What the heck???

Rachaeldaisy said...

What a show!! So many amazing quilts!! The whimsical giraffes made me laugh, what a great quilt! I like the way you included flowers in between the quilts.