Thursday, 16 July 2015

Another Road two

I headed south along I-5 and made a brief stop in Coburg to check out a couple of antique shops.  Sadly they were not open for another hour and a half so back on the road and a stop in Eugene Oregon.  This time the quilt shops were opening in about twenty minutes so I went for a walk and found this delightful street art painting just around the corner from one of the shops.
 Here are few pictures from inside The Quilt Patch.  Huge walls with towering ceilings let them hang some very large sample quilts.
 Bright fabrics waiting to be chosen for projects.
 Look at all that wall space above the three rows of bolts!
 Here is their row by row experience. Sorry no on line link to share with you.
 I got a tone on tone fabric for that project I mentioned before.
 A few blocks away was the next shop Piece by Piece Fabrics has a lovely double door inviting you into the shop.
 I've got this book and love the samples they had on display in the classroom.
 The classroom is tucked into a corner of the shop but is open to the shop!
 Their row is on top, this was the first quilt submitted to their shop for the row by row experience.
 Their row on it's own.
 My stash enhancement, love the fabrics they chose for their row. Click here for their on line link.
 Onto Springfield and Something to Crow about.  This visit they would not let me take any pictures! Just of their row by row experience.
 And their license plate.
 I did buy a lovely black fabric with pineapples and stars on it.  Check out their on line link here.

Then I headed off along the old Mackenzie Highway.  I found this route last year and enjoyed the drive.  There was a brief sprinkle of rain as you can see on my windshield.
 Next stop was in Bend Oregon at B.J.'s Fabrics.  Love this Bertie's Spring quilt.
 The Gypsy Wife.
 Their row by row experience is lovely.
 Here is their license plate that I got. Click here for BJ's on line link.
 A little drive away is Sew Many Quilts.  They always have lovely quilts on display.  Love this one by Norma Whaley.
 Lovely pine tree Christmas quilt.
 Black and white and colour!
 Lovely 1930's inspired quilt.
 Cute puppies.
 Their row by row experience! Here is their on link link.
 I've been coveting that Pat Sloan pattern for some time and finally bought it.  The colours are a bit off; the wool is more magenta pink and the yellow more lemon yellow.
 Last stop of the day was at QuiltWorks in Bend.  Their featured artist upstairs is Leotie Richards.  This totem is amazing.
 Bob Dylan.
 Sitting Bull.
 Annie Oakley.
 Swan Song.
 Their row by row experience.
 Another variation of their Bend logo.
 For the beer drinker in the group they did this kit!
 I went for the brights from Paint and cute little birds. QuiltWorks on line link is here.
Day 3 coming soon.


Rachaeldaisy said...

That's a great piece of street art. And the quilt shops you go to are amazing!! I've seen that Berties Spring quilt before, isn't it so cute!! Fabulous row by rows. Do you think you'll make a row by row quilt?

paulette said...

Loved the road trip!! Thanks for taking us along!

Anna said...

it is so wonderful to see shops from someone elses perpective, LOL you would think I would have seen every thing but noooo...there is always something tucked away that I didn't notice!

Anita said...

Thanks for sharing your road trips! I enjoyed the ride!