Saturday, 25 July 2015

Another Road Trip....Day 4

Each time I drive between Bend and Sisters I want to take a picture of the lovely horse sculpture and each time I forget until Sunday morning on my way to the Tula Pink lecture.
 Is this not a lovely sight, blue skies and promise of warm weather?
 I love coneflowers.
 Their centres are so nicely arranged.
 Wild flowers and a stream winding its way through the grounds of the Five Pines Conference centre.
 Hanging among the pines are Tula Pink quilts.
 Just a lovely setting.
 Quilts among the trees so peaceful and full of colour.
 Love this one.
 Interesting alphabet designed by Tula.
 Modern influences.
 Colour everywhere.
 Big and little alphabet quilts.
 A splash of colour reflecting the quilt colours found in the grass.
 Whimsical shapes.
 Butterfly made from left over blocks.
 Inside waiting for the lecture to start.
 Tula with her signature pink glasses.
 She shared ideas and studies from her sketch book.
 Ideas for a design.
 Swatches of fabrics for consideration.
 The resulting quilt..gorgeous.
 One of the backs she has designed for a is one large piece.
 Three quilts in three fabric colour ways.
 Pink, yellow and turquoise.
 Green blue and yellow.
 Green purple and red.  Same fabrics different colour ways fabrics in the same positions.  Three different looks.
 If you get a chance take it and listen to her speak.  I'm sure you will enjoy the lecture and her.
 I found the Quilters' Attic in Terrebonne.  They carry western style fabrics.
 Lovely whole cloth quilting.
 A touch of Modern quilting.
 All the rows from the row by row experience Central Oregon shops.
 This is their row.
 I found a piece of wool fabric that reflects the colours of their row!
 After almost four and a half hours for a just longer than three hour drive I arrived in Portland and got two patterns from Fabric Depot and then found a room for the night.  I love that sewing machine fabric and have a couple of projects in mind for it.


Michelle said...

Sunday traffic can be brutal. I didnt even think ti tell you if you stopped in portland to let me know. Love her quilts.

paulette said...

I Heart your Road Trips!!

Rachaeldaisy said...

This is the next best thing to hearing Tulas lecture in real life. Thanks for sharing all the wonderful photos. How beautiful do her quilts look hanging amongst the trees.

Lesley said...

What a fabulous post! Loved seeing the Tula quilts hanging in the trees. Thanks for sharing so much from her presentation. She's a pretty talented gal!