Monday, 15 February 2016

Playing in the Trees with Susan Teece Day One

Saturday morning I was up bright and early, make that dark and rainy to head over the bridge to take class with Susan.  Nineteen of us were in the class and we were eager to start.  She first shared two of her finished quilts and one work in progress.  We will be working from the trees to the background.
 This is her working design showing a much larger tree or it may end up extending off the quilt.
 This is a lush forest undergrowth and the lower edge extends below the recognized bottom.
 These are my first three samples, I decided to work with birch trees which are built differently than the evergreens, but I decided to start with the light medium dark strips but decided that wasn't right. The sample in the middle. Susan told me she worked in a strata which is the sample on the right but no that wasn't quite right either.  She gave me her sample to work on.
 By the time lunch time came she had us put them up on the wall.  As you can see there was one lone birch tree.  Everyone else worked on Cedars, Firs, and Arbutus trunks.
 Here is a closer look as some of the trees. Some of them have hobbit holes that fairies or bears might live.
 A couple more. Notice the two on the left long and short.  It will become an Arbutus tree.
 Some of them are almost too tall to display!
 Many have First Nation images or animals making their barks.
 The long Birch tree curving in the wind.
 A bit closer look, not bad for a couple hours work.
 After lunch she share background ideas.  This is a painted background that she cut and seamed to make the horizon.  We had a discussion of what pieces would work for the two island on the right.
 Here you can see a variety of flowers and images, walrus, totem poles, dots, stones to make up the background.
 The upper is a pale painted blue sky, dark strip for horizon and then layers of blue for the ocean.
 Back to the trees...needing a bit more colour I think.
 I added some blue grey to the mix.
 I also used that first light medium dark tree and sewed strips across it and I'm liking how it is going.
By days end I had three trunks well under construction.
 The beauty shot on the neutral grey background.
 At home I made a fourth trunk the one the third from the left but realized I'd not put any beige in it so quick before we gathered to hear our goals for the day back to the sewing machine...
 There now it looks more like its family.
If you are interested in seeing more of Susan's works and patterns here is a link to her website Tomorrow I'll post about Day Two.


WoolenSails said...

That looks like a wonderful class and I like your birch trees, that would be harder I think, since you have to make them realistic but simple, as well.


OPQuilt said...

I really enjoyed being with you on your day of creation, and appreciated the narration of how the trees came together, as well as the class comment. The comment, above, echoes my thoughts as well--hard, but simple--and how your birches look effortless, although I know they took hard work.

I just found you! and already feel well-fed, creatively speaking.
occasionalpiecequilt (on IG)

The little book of Nessie said...

Your birch trees are coming along well. Interesting class. Regards, Nessie

Susan said...

I did enjoy seeing the trees and seeing how you progressed on yours. They look very birchy to me, and I was surprised by how the beige-yellow worked in so well. I might have left that out, and it wouldn't have been nearly as nice as with it. What a great class this must have been.