Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Playing in the Trees with Susan Teece Day Two

Playing in the Trees is actually the name of the workshop by Susan, not something I dreamt up but our group definitely was playing with the trees.  The next decision was background, I didn't get mine chosen and prepped as I wanted some input from Susan.  This was my second choice.
 This was my original choice.  It is a dimples print and the flash didn't go off for this photo so it looks a bit more yellowed, especially the foreground.
 Starting to build some branches and a small suckling tree beside the fourth one.

This is a photo I took in Bryce Canyon in April 2008 that was my inspiration.
 I'm afraid I don't recall everyone's name who did their piece but here is one starting to get some boughs added to it. This is my friend Carmie's piece love that added eagle, the tree will be on and behind some large rocks.
 Sorry don't recall whose this one is.
 Another one that will be on rocky coast line.
 Have you noticed they all seem to be placed to the left?  I noticed that when I got home and reviewed my photos.  Those lower limbs are called Widow Makers as loggers are sometimes killed by either one falling on them, or as they are climbing the tree to trim branches they reach out and because they are dead they break off from the tree and the logger falls.
 Yesterday this tree was hanging in nowhere, there was no foreground.  She used commercial prints for the background, water rocks and grassy foreground and got it quilted for class.
 This one has a nursery log, a fallen tree that often sprouts new growth and two other trees.  She also has some fairies here and there.  The background isn't quilted but had those rays of sunshine shimmering through.  This is Sandi B's piece.
 My birches went on a diet and growth spurt and have some branches forming...not sure of that sucking, I think I'll change it.
 I changed out the top haves of the two in the middle, the centre of the three now has a more even shape.
 In the process of topping them down.
 All topped and now the suckling has the same texture to it's family.
 I took a bit of a break and took my sewing machine to the car and took some photos in the rain.
 I love how they form on branches of flowers.
 Love this photo.
 If you look you can see an inverted scene in the raindrops.

Back in the class room about twenty minutes before leaving trees are getting more boughs.
 There was a rock forming, but Carmie took it away as I took the previous pictures, but you can see her hobbit hole and base are more defined and a bough has been placed.
 Kendra was fussing cutting butterflies and other motifs and placing on her mid ground.

 A couple of orcas playing in the water and the sun setting on Jill's piece.
 A closer look at the first nation totem poles and feathers she added to the trunk.
 Another bird for a bit of interest.
 This was the wall that had all those many trunks on yesterday.  Most people were working beside their machines so I didn't get photos of all pieces.

Here is where I left it for the day, I need to add some more to the snow, if you take another look at my inspiration photo you can see some blue tones in the snow and different colours of white.  I'll work on that over the next while at home, then quilt it.  Next step will be adding the trees and finer branches.  I decided not to have any of the evergreens or wall from the outlook in my piece.
I'm so pleased with my progress and all my group, you should consider asking Susan Teece to come to your guild and teach Playing in the Trees to you. Here is her website once again http://www.bentpincreations.com/  Thanks Susan for a wonderful weekend.


Rachaeldaisy said...

This looks like such a great workshop! Everyones trees look so good. I love the birch colours of yours and that they're set in the snow.

paulette said...

Truly a work of art!!

Karen in Breezy Point said...

I am loving watching the birch trees take shape--so cool! That background fabric is pretty awesome too!

KaHolly said...

Wow, thanks for sharing the link to this page! Everyone's work is amazing, but I like yours best of all. I can't believe all that was accomplished in a one day workshop. XO