Monday, 22 February 2016

Weekend Sewing.

Over the weekend I saw some Instagram posts of this cute pixie basket made by friends and went to check out Fabric Mutt for some instructions. Here is a link to the Pixie Basket instruction posts, have fun posting your own and share one on instagram with @fabric mutt #pixiebasket
 I decided to make two at a time.  The one on the right is slightly larger as I'm running out of my pink fabric and didn't have the heart to trim it down.  It is about half an inch taller than the one on the left.
 As you can see I've already recruited them into action.  The blue one is filled with my next project.
 Here is the pink one with her friend Baby Bionic Gear bag. and below is her mama Bionic Gear bag.
 I decided to prep some circles for the 365/366 project as it is leap year.  I came across it on Quilty Folk and decided to wait until the New Year to start...well I finally started tracing circles on February 18, the anniversary of my grandfather's birth in 1899.  I like using the freezer paper and starch method, but cut out a heat resistant Mylar template to be a bit environmentally fiscal.
 Here are my first thirty circles prepped.
 I decided to use some of the Paper and Ink charm squares to get me started, here are five of the first six stitched down late Saturday night.
 Sunday mom and I went for a drive over to the west side of Vancouver.  This is a shot of Vancouver downtown from above the former Jericho School for the Deaf and Blind.
 I love driving down this long steep road, farther down the trees tower over the street and have a lovely leafy canopy in the Spring and Summer.

 I spotted this street bursting with early Cherry Blossoms, it had more than any other along the stretch of 4th Avenue heading down to English Bay.
 The blue in the distance is part of the North Shore of North and West Vancouver.
 After dropping mom off I spotted this lovely moon just as the sun was setting.
 Hmm...maybe Phases of the Moon should be the title for this piece.  This link will take you to all the posts that are on Quilty Folk about the 365 project. She started hers in November and has linky parties once a month.
 Here are the last of the circles I did over Saturday and Sunday evening.
18 stitched and 12 more to go for the first 30 and then to catch up for the rest of the month.  Hope you had a productive weekend.


Rachaeldaisy said...

Phases of the moon would be a perfect name for your circle quilt. The blocks look fun to sew, addictive even.

paulette said...

I agree with Rachel! It's the perfect name! Loved all your wonderful pics! Such a beautiful city!

Anna Bates said...

You are such a great photographer! The circles are incredible!!! As for the basket...they scare me😜

Anita said...

Sweet baskets! Thanks for the link! Perfect name for your circle quilt- it is beautiful! Great photos!

The little book of Nessie said...

I have seen these circle blocks on other blogs. Good way to use up small pieces of fabric. Regards, Nessie

Susan said...

Thank you so much for those beautiful shots of Vancouver! Especially the cherry blossoms. Somewhere there's spring! =) Your baskets are cute as anything, and your circles look amazing together.