Thursday, 18 February 2016

Shopping on Granville Island.

My girlfriend Rita and I took a trip down to Granville Island yesterday to get some bagels.  But we 
couldn't go there without stopping in for a visit at The Cloth Shop.
 This is a lovely shop where I first took a quilting class when it was situated on 12th Street towards U.B.C.  several years ago they moved to their present location on Granville Island.
 The shop is small and utilizes their space well.
 This is their current BOM Frankie.
 They have been featured in Quilt Sampler Magazine.
 The cart if filled with fat quarters.
 Love the mannequin sporting an apron.
 They also have some soft doll samples for babies and little ones. Check out their website
 Over to the Market and these rainbow pride slices caught my eye.
 We have a very large Chinese population in the lower mainland and this tree which lights up was adorned with red Chinese lanterns.  I may have to come over and check it after dark one day.
 I'm sure it must look amazing lit up, yesterday was a very grey Vancouver day threatening rain.
 Check out these raised planters at the restaurant we had lunch at.  On the left side on the bottom there is a tray.  The restaurant sorts their organic scraps and the gardeners come and collect them and put them down the middle of the beds.  Those are lids on top.  Presently there are some peas growing out of the of the holes in the planters.  The crops will be rotated thru the growing season.  Also they are on a dolly so they can be rotated and moved to shadier spots when needed.
 I purchased this magazine a bit ago for..
 This project from Sue Spargo.
 And on the same day I found this magazine for...
 This one by Roseann Kermes.
 I couldn't resist these black and white prints from The Cloth Shop.
 These charm squares from Moda Ink and Paper.
 A kit for a Canadian pin cushion.
 We also stopped in at Maiwa Store and found these lovely wool felt pieces in green, Azalea pink and turquoise for an upcoming project.  They have two brick and mortar stores and an on line shop.  They do some wonderful symposiums.  Check out for information.
 I also couldn't resist buying a couple of their Batik printing stamps.
Oh and we did get our bagels!


paulette said...

Loved the shop...the first thing I noticed was the Quiltmania magazines!! YEAH!! I think I would be going to this shop often...if I lived closer! Seems to me this shop use to 'do' Quilt Shows on the Island? Or am I thinking of another shop from Vancouver? Great loot!!!

WoolenSails said...

Looks like a great place to visit, and great fabric choices.
I like the new newsprints, those are fun to use in pieces and as backings.


Rachaeldaisy said...

Looks like you had such a fun day, and found some great things to bring home too. I love the lantern tree, it would look amazing all lit up.

Susan said...

What a fabulous day! I laughed when I read you DID get bagels. I was beginning to think that was merely a ruse. =) Have some wooly fun!