Sunday, 19 June 2016

Down I-5 and along I-90 off to Spokane I go!

On June 11 I got into my car and headed across the border.  A quick stop to pick up a latte in Bellingham and then some gas in Smokey Point and then at Thorpe Fruits and Antiques I took a quick look around what they had on display.  This looks like a new tin punch piece but I loved the design.  The overall cupboard was much to big to fit into my car.
These swan egg cuts almost came home but alas they also remained behind.
I found a cute antique shop in Ritzville in 2013 when returning home and stopped in for a quick visit and notice this iron fence surrounding a vacant lot that was for sale.  The patina was exquisite, you would hope the new owner will keep it in place.
I finally reached Spokane about 2:30 and after a bit of shopping I checked into my room for the next six nights.
The next morning I met up with Mary Lou Weidman, and most of the other participants for the weekend and we loaded into two cars for some exploring.  We first dropped our sewing machines and supplies into the space we would be using.  Mary Lou said we were going to the Castle!
This is the first look from across the street.  On the right was a gardener pulling some weeds from this overgrown garden.  What a whimsical place.  Several of our group started speaking with him and it turns out he owns the place and has been working on it for 20 years!  It has a small 600 square foot home somewhere behind all the brickwork and turrets that he has constructed.  Jeff is an iron worker and avid gardener.  Most of the plants he has grown from cutting from friend and donations.  Most of the building supplies are re-purposed or also donated.
He took us on a walking tour of the property and answered questions.
Are these not the most healthy looking lilies I've ever seen!
Lupins and Foxglove were also in bloom along with some clematis.
It goes on and on curving and twisting.
The door at the front of the property.
A squirrel on top of the mailbox.
Moss on some old trunks being placed for ?
Toward the back of the property.
As we were getting ready for a photo Jeff warned about the alligator in the pond.  Several looked to see it, no there wasn't one.
Our official group photo, missing Mari who hadn't arrived and myself taking the photo.
Then ducking below a vine he took us back a different way.  Walkways above us.
Lovely blooming clematis.

 One of the foxgloves.

The guardhouse at the entry. See the mailbox beside.
One last look at the property as we load up the cars.
Next stop was the lovely Davenport Hotel in downtown Spokane.
This time we checked out the Peacock Room Lounge.
Check out this stained glass ceiling.
A bit closer look.
Small lamps on the table.
Part of the main lobby where large chairs to sit and enjoy.
Comfy sofas to wait for friends.
Onto City Park to check out the world's largest Radio Flyer.  Molly, Tina and Wendy climbed up for a picture.
Oops they met a new friend who got into the picture.
Looking across the Spokane River at the clock tower and art piece in the river.
Sliding down with Tina is her new friend.
Just adjacent we found the Looff 1909 Carousel. Gorgeous!
Love these racing steeds.
This guy is ready for battle.
A look at the centre details, white and gold.
The logo stencilled on the wall.
Kids of all ages rode the carousel.
This gal was getting ready to reach for the gold ring.  Not sure where it was.
This goad used to eat garbage and deposit it into the metal container behind him!
Monday morning started with Mary Lou sharing her technique for building a story quilt and sharing some drawing of self portraits she has designed.
Then we has some lunch.  Molly helped Tina in the kitchen.  Mari and Wendy are finding out what is for lunch.
Flat bread pizza.
Chicken orzo salad.
Goodies to add to our salad greens.
Back to work.  I brought my fish quilt that I put together in 2013.  I made a sketch a few weeks ago of a mermaid to fit into the space in the centre.  My goal was to choose fabrics for her skin, tail and bra.  I had chosen some fabrics for her hair and needed to prep everything for applique. Before lunch I got her body and tail fabrics in place.
This was my first choice for a bra fabric but not completely convinced.
This was my second matches her tail fabric.
This is my third, still not convinced.  I think I'll wait until I've got some stitching done before making a decision.
Time flew and here we have our lasagna, salad and tomatoes for dinner.
And garlic bread.  Dessert was a Kahlua Tiramisus.
Wendy also brought along her fish swap to put together, she got this far by the end of day one. She is from Irvine, California.
Candy is a newbie who took to making hoochy blocks for her story quilt. She is from Syracuse N.Y.  unfortunately the airlines lost her luggage but she had her sewing machine as carry on.  It did finally arrive.
Penny building her blocks. She is from Camas, Washington.
I think these were Jan's she is another newbie from Silver Springs, Maryland.
Dwyta another newbie from Spokane, love those triangle border blocks!
Janet from Battleground, Washington is also a newbie.
Mari was working on some Dresden plate applique which I'll share later.  She is from Santa Monica, California and is our swap block mistress.  Day one of the retreat was a great success with lots of creativity!


The little book of Nessie said...

Looks as though you had a wonderful trip full of creativity etc. Those swans would have been hard for me to not to buy! Regards, Nessie

Rachaeldaisy said...

Wow!! What an action packed super duper post!! I loved it all!! Thanks for taking us along on your adventures.

KaHolly said...

That was just day one? I'm exhausted!;)

Anna Bates said...

what a wonderful post...the photographs were amazing...I LOVE your mermaid, and the whole quilt! what an accomplishment! As for the quote, the problem I am having is "my means" is not listening to me!!! LOL

Susan said...

Thanks for sharing so much about your weekend and day 1. That castle garden is amazing! I think I could be lost in there for hours. I love your mermaid, and I think I like the first bra best. What is Molly's last name? She looks familiar to me. Is she from Sacramento?