Friday, 10 June 2016

Lion's Gate Quilters' Guild Show

This morning Ethel and I headed over to North Vancouver to check out the Lion's Gate Quilters' Guild Show.  Just inside the door we spotted this lovely triptych by R. Leslie Forbes. I forgot to take a picture of her sign so I can't call it by it's proper name.  Leslie does some amazing work.
 Each of the leaves are double side and she added some fused crystals as sparkles of light.
 This is an amazing piece.
 Her attention to detail is lovely.
 What a Whimsical World by Colleen Bohan was found in Quiltmania magazine last year called My Small World.  I plan to make this piece an am impressed Colleen only used fabrics on hand to create her piece.
 Loving Murano Italy is another piece by R. Leslie Forbes, she hand dyed or painted most of these fabrics herself and the shutters are 3-D.
 The Property Ladder was made by Diane Ritter.  It was based on The Roof Tops quilt workshop by Gees Bend Quilters
 My Universe made by Sonia Milanez is an original design with 140 circles.
 The guild challenge was Tell Me a Story and this is Krista Hennebury's Let Me Remember Colour. It speaks to losing your memory and wondering if you would still get joy from it if you couldn't name it.
 Cutting Garden by Krista Hennebury is an adaptation of Tracey Jacobson's Scrappy Sprout tutorial that Krista made into a full quilt of her own design.  This was published in Australian Homespun magazine.  She has released it as a pattern and will be teaching it at an upcoming cruise to Alaska!

 Power Nap by Krista Hennebury was done using Marianne Haak's Quilt as you Go technique.  Made from old work shirts she gifted to a friend to use for power naps at work.
 My Neighbourhood by Marika Dauberman is Wendy William's pattern Round the Garden.
 A closer look at each of the four quadrants.
 This is a wool applique quilt on linen.  It is a current four part pattern in the current Simply Moderne magazine.  The first part started in their last issue.
 I love all the whimsical details Wendy puts into her patterns.
 This could be almost anywhere is the world don't you think?
 Soho by Terry Gustendorf was based in a photo taken by NASA  it took two years to find fabrics to match the photo.
 Here is the photo the quilt was based on.
 If Kaffe Was Dutch by Bena Luxton was made from a pattern called Tea with Tulips by Maaike Bakker.
 This is one of two raffle quilts.  The winner gets to choose which quilt they would like.  If you name is pulled first!
 This piece was painted and quilted by Judy Greenwood a former member of the guild who was remembered.  Love those soulful eyes.
 Churned Up Kaffe Fasset by Dorothy Porter, Kaffe Fasset fabrics matched with shot cottons.  Pattern found in American Patchwork & Quilting February 2008.
 Number Please by Arlene Simpson was made for her younger brother when he retired from B.C. Tel. Pattern by Fast Fun and Fabulous Quilts by Suzanne Nelson.
 This set of triptych quilts were made into
 These lovely banners hanging in the hallway leading to the show.

I did stop at the vendor's mall and got a few things.  I couldn't pass this license many were warned not to do this by parents or teachers?
 Couldn't pass up these lovely grunge fabrics.
 I've been working on several black and white quilts and when I saw this jelly roll I knew it had to come home with me.
 Could become binding...
 Or something else!
A quick peek at one of my favourite wool vendors Wool Penny Rugs, you could hardly get into their space at the show!                                                                                                                                    

Make sure to make a trip to the show on Saturday if you are in the neighbourhood of Capilano College in North Vancouver.  It is worth a visit!


WoolenSails said...

Wonderful quilt show, love the art pieces and Italy is really beautiful.
You got some great finds and those grunge fabrics are wonderful, think they are on my future purchases list;)


Rebecca in AK said...

Thanks for sharing the quilt show! Beautiful quilts! Love the license plate.

Susan said...

That looks like so much fun! Was this show mostly or entirely modern quilts, or were those the ones that appealed most to you? Thanks for sharing the photos. Almost as good as being there. =) I'm just starting to appreciate the grunge fabrics after seeing gray in a quilt block today. That's a great license plate, yes. I have collected one here during our shop hop.

Carol said...

Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos of this exquisite quilt show. Felt like I was there! And the license plate had me zooming in for details... Runs with Scissors is the name of one of my local quilt shops here near Fair Oaks, CA!!