Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Final Day at Retreat and a visit to Hattie's Quilt Shop.

First thing in the morning Mary Lou had us do a cutting workshop.  She drew three images and then had us only use scissors when cutting, no drawing first.  Here are some of our efforts.  Mine is the Yellow Long Neck Girl!
 Next were running Chickens. Mine is the lower right orange one.
 Cowgirl ladies waving howdy!  Mine is the skinny pink gal on the top row.
 A view looking into the room we did the study in.
 Chickens running every way.
 Happy Ladies
 Here are Mary Lou's drawings for inspiration.
 She often draws a lady with a hat but her paper was smaller this time.
 She realized we couldn't put the hand on the hip cut out so she changed the angle.
 In October 2014 at Harrison Hot Springs Retreat I put together my Owl swap blocks with a pieced background.
 Then I laid a piece of bench paper and drew a tree and cut it out.
 I'm sorry I don't recall whose blocks these are.  Many people were packing up as I went around the room taking pictures.
 This will be Janet's story of how she and her husband lived in a large R.V. for five years and traveled the U.S.  They towed a trailer with a small car, ATV and scooter!
Dwyta's borders are almost done, he is a happy duck!

 Candy's design for her story quilt of her musical sons playing jazz.
 Most of the gals went for a trip to two quilt shops while I finished prepping my applique.  I love this store it is about to celebrate it's fifth anniversary.
 This top is amazing in person, all the larger blooms are individually cut out, not a print.
 They have a lovely collection of fabrics in the store.
 Something for almost everyone.  With tables to lay things out while you shop.
 Love this piece.
 They have a large flannel collection along with some reproduction fabrics.
 Some lovely brights and check out that yellow tractor stool to sit on while they cut your fabrics.
 Fun strips and a few alien fabrics here.
 A mix of designers.
 This is a wool piece by the Australian design Wendy Williams, I have her book.
 Kathy Schmitz who mixes piecing and embroidery.  She is Bonnie Sullivan's sister.
 This is the narrow entry of Hatties, set up with some chairs for those who don't want to look at the fabrics.
 Their Home Sweet Home row for 2016.
 More quilts leading back to the store.
 A coffee station and some treats for someone to sit and rest while waiting.
 A cute little selection of house quilts.
Back to take a few photos of my tree and to pack up before heading out for one last dinner.
 Not sure how I'll arrange my branches, I'll probably do a mix of in front and behind the main trunk and will probably narrow it a bit so that blue guy can be seen a bit more.  I'll also add a few more applique details.  I had half a metre of fabric and managed to get everything cut from it.  At one point I had thought of using several different browns to achieve the bark affect but glad I didn't.
One last night in Spokane and then the drive home.  Thanks everyone for a lovely time.  Sorry I didn't get more end of day pictures of what everyone accomplished.

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Susan said...

Wow, I love your owls. You really worked on a lot of projects at this shindig! You made tons of progress on everything, too.