Monday, 27 June 2016

What was lost is now found!

Don't you hate it when you look for something you bought and can't remember where you put it?  When I got home from Spokane I took two days to empty my car of everything.  Dropping bags here and there as I came in.  I thought I had left this black and white sunflower batik at The Quilting Bee but happily I found it today in another bag!  The best thing is that it was clearance so double the pleasure.
 I had tucked it inside the bag that held these lovely black and whites with a bit of turquoise and green from Hattie's Quilt Shop.  I had complete forgotten about these ones.  Off to cut some more background for my 365/366 Quilt Project that I need to catch up on for a post at the end of the week.


paulette said...

Another successful trip! Love your fabric purchases! I have done that more than once...tucked a bag inside another and then thought I had lost it! Not a good feeling! I think it means we bought too much and have too many bags! haha I have also misplaced finished blocks...thinking that I had left them on the ferry! Now that was a nightmare! Found the tote several days later under my bed...I had unloaded everything onto my must have fallen off and got kicked under. :o((

Susan said...

Some lovely fabrics there! I'm so glad you found those sunflowers - gorgeous. Do you have a plan for them?

The little book of Nessie said...

It is frustrating when you cannot find certain fabric you know you have. It happens to me every time I have a cleanup! Lovely eye candy. Enjoy! Regards, Nessie